Parineeti Chopra Says, 'Thrilled That Golmaal Again Is Nearing 200 Cr, Didn't Mind The Figure & Father Joke'

Parineeti Chopra is on cloud nine. Madam PC has hit the jackpot with her latest release Golmaal Again. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with, the actress shares her joy

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Parineeti Chopra Says, 'Thrilled That Golmaal Again Is Nearing 200 Cr, Didn't Mind The Figure & Father Joke'

So, how does it feel to have finally made it to the 100 crore club?
Amazing. There is thing called Rs 100 crore club nowadays and I wanted my films too to make an entry into it. I was waiting for this day. I am still flooded with calls. And now it's nearing 200 cr; I am thrilled.


Did you expect Golmaal Again to be such a runaway hit?
I knew it will be a hit but I didn't take it for granted just because it is a successful franchise. I could sense it only because I knew during the entire making that Rohit sir (Shetty) was making a fresh film which would go down well with the janta.

Plus, it's not just that it did well because of Diwali. Mind you, people start celebrating Diwali 10 days prior to the actual day. The Diwali releases come only near the Lakshmi puja. Hence, the people have spent a good chunk of their money in celebrataions by then. So, would they have gone in such huge numbers if the movie wasn't good?

Rohit sir understand the pulse of the masses, and by Golmaal again, he has proved that he is the best director in India.


But do you think it was fair for Rohit to keep the tickert prices so high (as high as Rs 550)?
I am not the right person to talk about pricing. 

If you were to pinpoint one reason why Golmaal Again clicked so much?
According to me, there are 3 reasons:

1. The ghost element in the film had never been tapped before in a comedy film.

2. Rohit sir made a simple story into a blockbuster viewing for the PAN India audience.

3. It is a kids' friendly film; so families came in big numbers.


You replaced Kareena in the franchise. Wasn't it a big responsibility?
Rohit sir has been asked this and I shall reiterate. The requirement of the character was of a very young girl who is much younger than the boys' gang and hence I was selected.

You may have entrenched yourself in the Golmaal franchise now...
Are they saying that?At least I haven't heard it. If you ask me, it's ridiculous talk. The only thing consistent in Golmaal franchise is the boys' gang. If Rohit sir feels there is a role in it for me, I am sure he will call me.

Were you comfortable with the Father & Figure joke, it was corny...
Why would I feel uncomfortable? I was fully engrossed in the film and invested a lot from my side into in the script. I did not have any complaints. 

Image Source: Instagram/parineetichopra

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