Payal Ghosh BLASTS Richa Chadha For Terming Her Apology As A Win: 'This Is Ambicable Settlement And Not Victory'- EXCLUSIVE

After court orders Payal Ghosh to tender an apology to Richa Chadha, Payal hits back saying an apology is not Richa's victory.

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Payal Ghosh BLASTS Richa Chadha For Terming Her Apology As A Win: 'This Is Ambicable Settlement And Not Victory'- EXCLUSIVE
Actress Payal Ghosh who recently alleged and filed an FIR against filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for sexually harassing her found herself in legal trouble. Payal while sharing the alleged incident involving Anurag went on to name three other actresses named Richa Chadha, Huma Qureshi and Mahie Gill. When the other two decided not to react, actress Richa Chadha went on to file a defamation case against Payal. And now in the recent development, Richa has shared a copy of the court order which mentions that Payal Ghosh ‘will tender an unconditional apology’. But two days before court's order Payal had tweeted she won't be apologizing to Richa. 

We managed to speak to Payal Ghosh today regarding the court order and she seemed extremely upset with Richa calling this development as her victory. Read On; 

Do you feel taking names of three girls without their consent on a public forum was right on your part?

The thing is that it was not me who said that. It was Anurag Kashyap's words for them which I mentioned. I am also not saying that whatever he said is right. Because that was the time when he was trying to convince me, maybe in that course he went on to take their names. That was his motto that if other girls can do why not me. If you go through the video that will make it clear that I said this man is standing for women's rights and going through slogans like smash patriarchy. If that man can talk about his actress friends to a girl whom he just knows for two days then what kind of man is he? By mentioning this I only wanted to give out a message about what kind of man he is. Just like me he must have said these same things to others also and they must be sharing this with others too. This way only their image is getting spoiled isn't it? I only stated that because if I would have not said that then my statement wouldn't have been complete. I wanted to show where he has respect for women?
Richa Chadha has filed a defamation case against you for dragging your name and looking for an apology from your end. But you tweeted saying I won't say sorry. Why?

Because I don't feel I have defamed her. 

But now you are ready to apologise..... 

Yes, because when the case went to the court, the judge suggested going for an ambicable settlement. Then my lawyer said ok fine. Being a woman I understand her state. Her lawyer discussed with my lawyer that she is being harassed on social media. Trolls are talking bad about her. They are talking bad about me also because I came out in open to talk about all this. And it makes me feel bad that aise kaise bol rahe hain ye log? So I am sure she must be in the same situation. That's why I said ok let's go for a courtesy apology because that may make her feel better. Kisi Ko sorry bolne se koi chota nahi ho jata hai. 
Go on...

Where is the victory? If it's a settlement it is a settlement. And if for her dignity if I am saying sorry that doesn't mean I am giving a statement now that Anurag Kashyap didn't say her name to me. Anurag has very much said this to me. But my using her or anyone names has caused any kind of a pain to them than for that I am saying sorry. But that doesn't mean it's her or anyone's victory. 

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