Salman's rakhi sister Shweta Rohira says: Yami Gautam is a home-breaker

In a tell-all interview Pulkit Samrat's wife spills the beans on her husband's alleged 'illicit affair' with his Sanam Re co-star

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Salman's rakhi sister Shweta Rohira says: Yami Gautam is a home-breaker
Pulkit Samrat's interview in a leading daily on Sunday has hit Shweta so hard that it's a case of 'water has come up to the neck'. Excerpts from a chat with SpotboyE:

What was your reaction to Pulkit's recent interview where he lashed out at you?
I was shocked and disgusted. Pulkit blames me for leaking stories about him and says that I am running a campaign against him. What will I benefit by running a campaign against someone whom I always supported? His loose talk has hurt me very deeply and it's high time we ended it amicably, not the way it's going on.

Pulkit said: Your mom was interfering in his marital life.
Pulkit and I were together for 9 years before we married for the world last November. Was he a 4-year old kid whom I had picked up that my mom was interfering in his life? He had all his meetings and parties at my mother's house in Oberoi Springs. It was rather he who was interfering in her life--- and not the other way around.

Pulkit said: Every daughter is a shadow of her mother, so were you.
He is a shadow of his family, if you recall I had stated earlier to you that he had told me that he was separating from me because of his family(Salman's Sister Shweta Talks About How Her Husband Pulkit Deserted Her, November 25, 2015).

Suddenly one day he came to me and said that he wanted a separation. And imagine it was my birthday! When I asked him why, he said: Things have gone bad in his family and he has to take a call. Pray, weren't things always bad about me in his family? Else would we have had a runaway marriage? In fact, after we married to announce to the world, things were very good between his family and mine.

Pulkit said that you controlled his outings and interactions with his friends...
That was a very stupid and immature comment. Tell me one house where wife doesn't give an opinion. Was he locked up by me in our house? Every husband has a habit of saying that his wife controls him, Pulkit has taken this to the next level.

Did you spread the story that Yami and Pulkit came close while you were recuperating from a miscarriage?
Be it the miscarriage story or any other story, let me tell you that all were so sensitive. If I was into spreading stories, would I have benefited hiding myself as his girlfriend for 5 full years? Wouldn't I have leaked that out then itself? (pauses)

Go on...
How can you forget that he came out and said that he hasn't got the time to file for divorce since he is busy promoting his movies? Now that Sanam Re and Junooniyat both have released, send the papers. Why make up stories that 'Oh, I am so busy'? It's high time he stops blaming me for everything and starts taking responsibilities as a man.

He said: Your actions have hit him below the belt.
He came out and said that he believed in the institution of love and not marriage.That was not just below the belt but below humanity too. Why would I hit him below the belt? He doesn't exist for me anymore.

What problem did his family have about you?
His family finally agreed and danced in the wedding in November. We went out for holidays with his family. 

That doesn't answer my question. Let me put it specifically. What problem did they have about you before marriage?
Bombay ki ladki hai, modern hai. His mother kept saying such random things. Nothing was clear though.

You disrespected his parents, he also said...
If I did, I wouldn't mind pleading forgiveness. I think I was lucky to have a family like them. I think I have answered your question. 

He further said 'he ended his relationship with you after the miscarriage story'.
How many times is he going to end the relationship? Was he in love with me after he left me in the lurch? After November, he met me four-five times. I asked for answers, but he was continuously evasive.

He said: Yami is a very respectable woman and got unnecessarily dragged into this fiasco.
Ask him only na, she's always around him when he is breaking chairs on the set or threatening the media. 

Do you think that she was in his life in some way even when you were married to him?
She had the hots for him, everybody knows. What happened between them after Pulkit and I separated. I wouldn't know. A closure didn't happen between us, because I haven't got a lot of answers to many of my questions yet---- and that is unfortunate.

Do you suspect that there was something happening between Pulkit and Yami?
Hoga kuch. My last interaction with him: I did a FaceTime of Karva Chauth with him when I requested him to come and meet my grandpa who wanted to meet him. He did not, which is when I decided that I couldn't lead a pretentitious life.

I want to study further, write and even paint. I spent a lot of time in helping Pulkit to build his career. It's time that he sends me the divorce papers but he will have to give me answers. I have questions and until I get the answers, Pulkit won't get a divorce from me. 

Was it tough when he suddenly left you one day?
It was very tough. I hadn't seen it coming. There was not even a slight hint from his side.

Last question: Elaborate and be honest what you think about Pulkit's equation with Yami.
I was living in an illusion. I trusted Pulkit. The film industry is a very small world. I get to know things about him even if I don't want to. Yami was the smoke that led to whatever happened between Pulkit and me. She is a home-breaker. Pulkit has always led a dual life for some reason. He did not declare me as his wife for the longest time, and now he is saying that he is not dating Yami. It's time he becomes transparent. All said and done, my marriage with Pulkit was a mistake and I have learnt the lesson the hard way.

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