SANA KHAN: My Mom Wants To Know Why I Have Exposed So Much In Wajah Tum Ho

T-Series produced Wajah Tum Ho hits theatres on Friday. The film has been in the news ever since its first trailer which was nothing short of soft porn. The time is right to talk to the bold girl in the centre- Sana Khan

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SANA KHAN: My Mom Wants To Know Why I Have Exposed So Much In Wajah Tum Ho
Wajah Tum Ho heroine Sana Khan spoke to about her sex scenes in the film and lots more. She is extremely excited about the film, which releases on December 16.

Excerpts from the conversation (which you can hear in the video above): 

Where were you for so long? It's been nearly 3 years since you made your debut in Jai Ho?
I had only a cameo in Jai Ho, people were expecting of course a lot more from me lekin main kya karti? But haan, I had this inner feeling in me that I want to become a heroine one day, and I worked towards it.

I don't know, lekin gaadi chal rahi thi. I had events to keep me busy. I had an intuition that my time will come but again I had no manager or PR, so I was pushing my own self and hoping for the best. 

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How did Wajah Tum Ho (WTH) happen?
Vishal Pandya (director of WTH) told me that it is a bold film. I had seen his previous work, Hate Story 3- and I knew that he won't include unnecessary bold scenes, The bold stuff in Hate Story 3 was restricted to songs, moreover the girls in the film had looked very good- so I thought that I should not lose the WTH offer. Thankfully, it worked in my favour and in the next 7 days, I was on board.

Go on...
We had reading sessions for 2-3 days. Vishal was clear what he wanted. It is a delight for an actor to work with a director who is clear in his head. The film is a murder mystery and I am looking forward to its release, which is now less than 2 days away.

What are you doing in the murder mystery?
I play a very mature  lawyer who chooses her words, quite a contrast to what i am in my real life. My entire avatar and my output in this film can be attributed to Vishal. Without him, I couldn't have done it.

Why does this mature lawyer need to do so many bed scenes in the film?
Why not? Lawyers have a personal life too, don't they? They are humans, after all. They go back home at the end of the day to someone they love, likewise I meet my boyfriend after my work (laughs). 

Was it difficult to do the sex scenes?
Of course, I know  audiences enjoy it but trust me, I find sex scenes tougher than emotional scenes. It is very important to do sex scenes perfectly. Vishal used to hold my hand and say: Sana, please don't worry, you will be looking very pretty in these scenes.

Was that enough to convince you?
I used to tell him: Vishal, it's not that I have not been offered to do films which have sex scenes. But I didn't do them.

Why didn't you do them?
I am a very shy person. So yeah, I would say that I had a trust factor going in Vishal which eventually helped me to do the hot scenes, Vishal respects girls, and he treated me very well. Maybe someone else in his place would have said: 'Big deal! Itna kya complain kar rahi hai? Sharmane ka kya hai?' A lot of people have this perception. It is very common to be critical and judgmental but uncommon to be helping and motivating somebody.

Had you to do retakes of sex scenes?
Minimum. We made very sure of every camera angle and all things that mattered before we rolled. Vishal always set up the stage very patiently.

Have you done a backless scene in WTH?
Thankfully, no. Vishal said: 'Whatever you have done is more than enough'. WTH has content.

How was Gurmeet Chaudhary as a co-star?
I am sure that he had his share of discomfort in the sex scenes with me, no actor enjoys doing such scenes. And yeah, no family likes to see their girl kiss on screen.

What about your family? 
My mom is upset about this, but I hope she will soon understand. She demands to know: 'Why have I exposed so much?'. But I think that all mothers in her place would have reacted likewise.

Did you not ask her before doing such stuff?
(Laughs) No, I did not. It has taken her by surprise.

Why didn't you tell her?
Some people take a long time to understand and get convinced. Me too.

Is she not talking to you presently?
Not really, but I have told her: 'Ma, my character is nice which is why I did it but please stop judging me on it'.

You have a hot scene in WTH with Rajneesh Duggal too...
Yeah, but that's a dream sequence. My loyalties in the film are with Gurmeet (laughs).

Who did you find hotter- Gurmeet or Rajneesh?
I find Vishal hotter than Gurmeet and Rajneesh (laughs). Of course, Gurmeet and Rajneesh are gorgeous. But you know what?

It's never about body parts that attracts me to a man. It's about who respects women more. You can wear good clothes, you can smell good- but you are not hot if you don't respect women. Similarly, people won't consider me hot if I am rude or manipulative.

Was it possible that you might have got a bit carried away (with Gurmeet & Rajneesh) in the hot scenes?
Whosoever thinks that he/she will get carried away in sex scenes is stupid. There is so much of right angles and right lighting required to get every such scene correctly, and so many adjustments are being made all the time.

Have you got hate mail for your exposure in WTH?
Of course, there are some haters. There is nobody in this world who doesn't have his share of haters. Maybe Abdul Kalam saab was the only exception.  Can I tell you something?

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There are some people in this world who will hate you for no reason and you would want to stop that. There are some people in this world who will love you for no reason and you wouldn't want to stop that.

Did you have to tone your body for your bold scenes?
Of course, because camera makes you look fatter. And I am on the plump side,  I am healthy. I think that fuller bodies are sexier. I don't want to be size-zero. But all said and done, one needs an expressive face to look sexy. Aur haan, let me tell you that barring the songs in WTH, I am covered from head to toe.

But now you might get typecast into bold avatars, or at least your next few offers might be on bold lines?
Of course, and I wouldn't be surprised if those comprise of 80 per cent of what I am offered- but I would like to concentrate on the remaining 20 per cent.

Who would you call for advice if you want a second opinion on whether you should do a particular film or not?
I would make the first call to Vishal.

What's after WTH?
Tom Dick and Harry, which is a comedy. Inshallah, i will get more good offers after WTH. I can't hold people for not casting me much so far. I wasn't out there, until WTH happened.

Image Source: youtube/T-Series