Sanjay Dutt On Bhoomi, Rani Mukerji & His Patch Up With Salman Khan

In an exclusive interview with, Sanjay Dutt talks about the hype surrounding Bhoomi and daughters among other things. His co-star Aditi Rao Hydari and director Omung Kumar join in

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Sanjay Dutt On Bhoomi, Rani Mukerji & His Patch Up With Salman Khan
Sanjay Dutt is returning to the big screen with Omung Kumar's Bhoomi also starring Aditi Rao Hydari and Sidhant Gupta. The movie, which hits screens on September 22, has generated the right buzz owing to its impactful trailer and a diverse music album. sat down for a chat with Sanjay, Omung and Aditi to chat about their upcoming film.


Sanjay, it's your comeback film. Are you feeling the pressure?
I am not feeling pressurised at all. We all have worked really hard and I am glad that the trailer has been appreciated. We've got a great film.

bhoomi poster
Bhoomi Poster

Aditi, how was it working with Sanjay Dutt? Were you nervous at any point?
He only looks intimidating but is not (laughs). With his kind of experience and personality, one has pre-conceived notions but Sanjay Dutt is quite the opposite. He gives the best hugs, is entertaining, funny, chilled and effortless. What’s more is that he doesn’t take himself seriously. On the first day, he gave me a warm hug because the director wasn’t sure if I would be able to match up to his screen presence. I feel lucky to be part of this film.

sanjay dutt and aditi rao hydari

Omung, what is going through your mind?
A film is a big responsibility and add to that, it’s Sanjay’s comeback. It’s added pressure. However, if you keep that aside, you concentrate only on making a good film. The story is hard hitting, father-daughter pairing is interesting and these two (Sanjay-Aditi) made my job very easy. At this point, yes, I am nervous but I can sleep peacefully knowing that I have made a good product.

Sanjay, are you open to playing your age on-screen or will it depend on the film?
I have to play my age. I can't do what I was doing 10 years ago. This slot in the industry has been vacant for a long time now, like how people in Hollywood do for example Denzel Washington in Equalizer or Mel Gibson and many more. You are essaying the role of a father or criminal but are playing your age, a tough middle-aged guy and I want to get into that.

Do your daughters Iqra and Trishala dominate their father?
Iqra is too young but every daughter is same with their father. It's universal. They have their ways to get their dads to do what they want.

sanjay dutt talks about his work in his upcoming film bhoomi

Will we see Sanjay Dutt and Rani Mukerji on-screen together for Malang?
Omung: Not decided, yet.
Sanjay: I know Rani for a long time now. She's a fine actor and it would be wonderful to work with her.

The Good Maharaja poster was trolled for its bad photoshop. What do you have to say about that?
Omung: It was just a first look. We are working on it. I am known for the posters that come out for my movies. This was just a photoshopped poster.
Sanjay: We just did it for ourselves to see how it would look and I don't know how it came out.

salman khan and sanjay dutt patch up

Sanjay, reportedly you wouldn’t promote Bhoomi on reality shows...
I am going to sue that person who wrote that piece. I am going everywhere for promotions and you are witnesses to the fact that I am going to the reality shows. I will file a case against that person.

I cannot wrap up this interview without asking you about your patch up with Salman Khan recently at Ambani's. How did that happen?
Nothing ever went wrong between Salman and me. It's what media had perceived. Salman is and always will be my brother. I love him. We both are actors and we both are busy. And I don't know why people just thought there was something wrong between us. I can't meet him and he can't meet me everyday but our love and respect for each other is always there and it has been there. It was no such big patch up. He was there and I was leaving, it was in the middle of the road. We met, we hugged because we hadn't seen each other. There was never a break up so what patch up? (laughs).

Image Source: Manav Manglani