Sonam Kapoor Opens Up On Merciless Trolling Of Anushka Sharma When Virat Kohli Failed, Superstitions And The Zoya Factor; Dulquer Salmaan Joins In- EXCLUSIVE

Sonam Kapoor speaks about the merciless trolling that Anushka Sharma faced in her early years of marriage almost whenever Virat failed and lots more which of course includes, The Zoya Factor

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Sonam Kapoor Opens Up On Merciless Trolling Of Anushka Sharma When Virat Kohli Failed, Superstitions And The Zoya Factor; Dulquer Salmaan Joins In- EXCLUSIVE
Sonam Kapoor-Dulquer Salmaan starrer The Zoya Factor has hit theatres today. A few days back, we had caught up with them at Sun-n-Sand Hotel, Juhu. The conversation was filled with some light moments and of course certain topical elements too.

Our first question was obviously if they had read the book The Zoya Factor on which the film is based, to which Dulquer stated that he read the book only after hearing the script. Sonam, on the other hand said that she had read the book in 2008 itself, when it was released. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW.

Then, we asked them about the theme of the film which has Sonam’s character proving to be a lucky charm for the Indian cricket team. Does she really believe in such things? Sonam replied, “I think destiny is very relevant, obviously you know everybody has something written for them. But at the same time, I think without effort and without doing your best, nothing can happen."

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That brought us to our next question: Do they believe in superstitions? Sonam admitted she does. “Somebody once told me that if I work with someone from Dakshin, it will be very successful. I need to have a lot of people in my cast and crew who are South Indians.”

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Talking about lucky charms, there's no denying that there's an other side to this as well. Remember how Anushka was labelled as 'unlucky' by social media users as and when her husband- Indian skipper Virat Kohli failed or India lost a match. Sonam quickly said, "That's just cruel and unnecessary.” She added that it totally unethical to hold someone responsible for someone else’s performance.

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Stars face another unfair aspect in their career if they happen to be sons/daughters of famous senior celebrities from the same line- they are, more often than not, compared to their father/mother. Dulquer, who’s the son of the popular South superstar Mammootty must have faced comparisons with his father, so we asked him his take on this. Pat came the reply, “I don't think it's unfair or fair, it's inevitable. I don't do the same kind of movies as him (Mammoty). I don't think I look like him. I don't imitate him."

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Added Dulquer with a bit of concern, "Sometimes they say your movie has done well because of your father's fans, which is not true because if a film is bad, no amount of fans can make it a hit. But for the most part (of my journey as an actor), it has been all good.

Let me tell you that I have also made peace. It's been almost 30 films in my 7-8 years of acting."

Finally, the topic veered towards gender discrimination at workplace and Sonam put forth her point of view in a very strong manner. “We unfortunately live in a patriarchal society and there's a lot of discrepancy and a lot of sexism. We underestimate women and underestimate their dedication and professionalism.”

In the same vein, Sonam went on to say, “I have been married, I barely meet my husband and he is understanding about it. So, I think our dedication to work is completely underestimated."

Now, why don't you just SEE THE VIDEO ABOVE?

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