Taapsee Pannu- Bhumi Pednekar Battle It Out In Rapid Fire: What If They Wake Up As Kangana Ranaut, Salman Khan, Karan Johar?- EXCLUSIVE

What would you do if you woke up as Narendra Modi, Salman Khan, Kangana Ranaut Or Rahul Gandhi? We asked these questions to the leading ladies of Saand Ki Aankh, Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar in a rapid fire round

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Taapsee Pannu- Bhumi Pednekar Battle It Out In Rapid Fire: What If They Wake Up As Kangana Ranaut, Salman Khan, Karan Johar?- EXCLUSIVE
Who doesn’t enjoy rapid fire segments? The one asking the questions and the one answering them together have a whale of a time, as the nature of the game is such.

Ahead of Saand Ki Aankh’s big screen release on Oct 25, we played a rapid fire game with the two leading ladies- Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar. The round was all about knowing what would they do or feel if they woke up as a certain personality.


The two actresses were pretty excited to play the game. This is how it went:

What if you wake up as Kangana Ranaut?
I’ll be very grateful for the interesting work that I’m doing.
Taapsee: We have the same hair routine. I will grow my hair the same way. We both love our curls.

What if you wake up as Karan Johar?
I’ll wake to 2 really adorable children!
Taapsee: I’ll open my wardrobe and see some fantastic things that are lying and lined up there. I can only imagine what his wardrobe might be looking like with all the stuff that he has.

What if you wake up as Salman Khan?
I’ll do workouts.
Taapsee: I’ll think of casting Taapsee along my side in my next film. (Quickly Bhumi chips in saying, “Dabangg 4 with Taapsee” and together the ladies share a good laugh.)

salman kangna karan

What if you wake up as Shah Rukh Khan?

Bhumi: I’ll copy Taapsee’s answer here and say that I should do a film with Bhumi now. This applies to Aamir, Salman too.
Taapsee: I will immediately fix a date with Taapsee because he has an amazing sense of humour and I just want to interact with him.

What if you wake up as Virat Kohli?
Bhumi: I just love Virat Kohli and I also love cricket. So, if I wake up as him, I’ll go crazy!
Taapsee: I’ll reserve passes for myself for the next match.

What if you wake up as Rahul Gandhi?
Bhumi: I would want to re-assess and restructure a lot of things.
Taapsee: I would do the same.

What if you wake up as Narendra Modi?
A confused Bhumi struggles for an answer as Taapsee quickly replies, “Saand Ki Aankh should be declared tax-free all over India.” Bhumi agrees and appeals all the politicians, cricketers, actors to watch the film.

narendramodi rahulgandhi

Seeing Bhumi’s spirit, we declared her as the winner of the rapid fire round.

Apart from this fun segment, we also did an exhaustive interview with the actresses. If you’ve missed it, have a look at it below:

saand ki aankh interview

Next, they even addressed the ageism controversy which was kicked off by Rangoli Chandel and Neena Gupta. We reproduce it below:

taapsee bhumi rangoli

Now that you have watched and read the actresses’ take on ageism controversy, here’s a quick recap on what the director Tushar Hiranandani had to say.

saand ki aankh

Saand Ki Aankh is slated to release in cinema halls on Oct 25. I reviewed the film some days back and quite liked it. The two actresses have totally nailed it and I don’t think at any point did I feel that these are two ladies are misfit to play their older characters. In case, you missed reading my review, here it is:

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