Paltan, Laila Majnu Box-Office Collection, Day 1: War Film And Love Story, Both Start Off Slowly

JP Dutta’s Paltan seems to have misfired at the ticket windows, while Sajid Ali’s Laila Majnu, which generated good reviews, is being cheered in theatres but yet to show up significantly in collections

J P Dutt’s Paltan which has been panned by most critics has collected Rs 1.15-1.25 Cr this much on day 1. Then film has been largely disliked and will need a miracle to cover its cost. Add this to the fact that it has not got many shows in theatres for display. editor Vickey Lalwani rated the film with 2 stars and wrote, “There are bullets in the guns, but no fire. There is artillery at the base, but no attack. You know what I mean. J P Dutta has a story to tell about our brave soldiers who were engaged in an intense war against the Chinese infiltration through the Sikkim border in '67, but he fails to execute it. The film begins well with the Indo-China '62 war but that's just that it has to keep you on your seat. 7 minutes later, in fact, when all the main characters are introduced, lactic acid starts generating in your body instead of adrenaline flowing in it. Is this the same filmmaker who made Ghulami, Border and even Refugee? There is a big Border hangover that stares glaringly at you right through the excruciating length of the film, but JP has clearly lost his touch. The biggest failure of the film is that  the bromance between the jawans is devoid of conviction and depth. Anyway, the war begins. And?”

On the other hand, Sajid Ali’s Laila Majnu, a love saga, set in contemporary times has received fairly good reviews. Add this to the good word-of-mouth. All this may translate into growing numbers over the weekend. editor Vickey Lalwani rated the film with 3 stars and wrote, “Feuding families and passionate love set in today's times. You may ask: So what's new? Yet, it's a very fresh film with two interesting newcomers Tripti Dimri and Avinash Tiwary. You will come out of it glad that you spent your last two-and-half hours seeing something that will stay with you for a long time. You will see virgin love, where the two neither marry nor consummate their affair- and you will see it loaded with dollops of innocence. Go for it.



Let’s see, what Day 2 has in store for Paltan and Laila Majnu. This is not a long holiday weekend and both movies will have to really speed up on Saturday to set their cash registers ringing. Over to the shows!