EEKS! Rajkummar Rao Gets Trapped, Forced To Eat Cockroaches

Vikramaditya Motwane’s upcoming film,Trapped, is a survival thriller and the gripping trailer has Rajkummar Rao eating vermin and hurling a TV off a highrise

Rajkummar Rao, no doubt is a powerful actor but the first thing which came across our mind after watching the trailer of Trapped is: How can you lock yourself inside a room?

So the trailer shows Rajkummar getting ready in his new, empty flat in a high-rise. In a twist of events, he is trapped inside the flat with his keys dangling from the lock outside.

Take a look:

But here are the questions which the trailer raised: The tagline says: A man gets stuck in an empty high rise without food, water or electricity. But the opening scene shows him going to fetch his phone which is being charged. So, he does have electricity.

There are many high rises shown around the building, how can anyone not see a man screaming for help on a balcony?

He could have easily called for help from his phone? He is shown eating insects in one of the scenes. Did he forget about food apps?

Well, while Rajkummar plays the hapless fellow trapped inside his own house and the trailer is an intriguing and gripping one, we wonder, will the film answer these questions?

The man who has given us films like Lootera and Udaan, we hope there’s more to the film than what is shown in the trailer.

Thumbnail Image Source: Youtube/Fuhsephantom