Jab Brangelina Split

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have split and that’s enough reason to give it a desi tadka

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Jab Brangelina Split

Early this week, the news of Angelina Jolie splitting with Brad Pitt was flashed across news channels around the world. The news was made to sound more tragic than any terror attack that had happened within 24 hours of their split.  But such was the interest in the Brangelina Breaking News that somewhere in Ahmedabad, a guy told his wife over breakfast that “Brad eklo padi gayo” and she immediately took another slice of bread, placed it on top of the one in his hand and said philosophically, “When life gives you Brad, toh tamey sandwich banavo!” In Kerala, Angelina’s surname means job. So many misunderstood the headline – Brad Has No Jolie – as the poor guy being out of work…

Unfortunately, there’s been no Indian connection to this split. Not even Mallika Sherawat! The last time she took a selfie with Antonio Banderas, she got the media speculating that she’s the reason behind his split with Melanie Griffith. Somehow, it didn’t help her get much attention in Hollywood or Bollywood. Maybe because Melanie is almost retired and the last thing Antonio did that got him noticed was as a talking cat. If only Mallika had clicked a selfie with Brad at some random pub where she could have bumped into him, splashed it across the gullible Indian media…

It’s hard to understand the Indian obsession with Angelina and Brad. Most people would find it hard to name a film they have watched which has either of them. Maybe Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), where they were out to kill each other – and ironically was the film where they fell in love. But at that point, Brad was with Jennifer Aniston – a household name in urban India because of the TV show Friends. In all probability, Brad may have sung to Angelina – “Jolie hamari jamega kaise jaani… tumko bhi mushkil hamey bhi pareshani….”

But Brad probably didn’t know about India or most third-world countries until he married Angelina. It’s widely believed that his geography improved with each adoption. It’s fascinating if you think about how this couple ran their house because they were seen less in movies and more in various parts of the world – either for reasons of charity or political activism. “Ghar kaise chalta tha?” asked some Indian senior citizens. “How do you feed six kids by hardly working instead of working hard?”

Many reasons are being speculated as to why the couple split – and all those reasons are Bollywood movie titles! There’s an alleged Pati, Patni Aur Woh situation, but the Woh is not Mallika Sherawat but Marion Cotillard. There is also a Parvarish scenario – with Angelina and Brad not on the same page about parenting. With six kids, that’s not a surprise. Brad is on the page that rants “Pappu ki mummy, tere jaan ko bachche rote hain, tu khele rummy” which is clearly different from the page Angelina is on – “Pappu ke papa, tu bhool ke vaada, yeh line laga di bachchon ki, kya mila hai fayda…”

All this in good fun. Honestly, amidst all the newspaper stories of bloodshed and brutality, Brangelina is a welcome diversion. The only violence here is if you think Angelina ne Brad ke Pitt mein khanjar ghopa!

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