'Aisa Kuchh Nahin Hai': Vikrant Massey Clears The Air Around Taapsee Pannu's 'Scared' Remark - EXCLUSIVE

Vikrant Massey has cleared the air around Haseen Dillruba co-star Taapsee Pannu's 'scared' remark. And it's time we too stopped the discussion

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'Aisa Kuchh Nahin Hai': Vikrant Massey Clears The Air Around Taapsee Pannu's 'Scared' Remark - EXCLUSIVE
Taapsee Pannu, who was recently seen in Netflix’s Haseen Dillruba with Vikrant Massey, has been garnering rave reviews for her performance as Rani in the film. She also stirred up a storm on the internet when she declared the male actors of the movie -- Massey and Harshvardhan Rane -- were 'scared' of doing intimate scenes with her. 'Unhein lagaa yeh pata nahin kya karegi,' she said, according to a report in The Hindustan Times.

This can very well be a case of some genuine fear, owing to Taapsee's no-nonsense attitude or just a fun statement taken in a not-so-fun way. It's apparently the latter, says Vikrant Massey, who in a short and sweet conversation with SpotboyE, cleared the air around the statement.

"Naah, aisa kuchh nahin hai. Taapsee is a very jovial person. Woh 5 minutes se zyaada chup nahin baithh sakti; woh hansti rehti hai poora time. She just said in one interview -- all in fun -- 'intimate scenes kartey time yeh ladkey darr rahe thhay'. And it got picked up by a few publications that believe in clickbait headlines and articles -- because they help them in reaching out to people. These articles, however, help us too in reaching out to people. That's a great symbiotic relationship, and we are not worried about it," he told SpotboyE.com.

Vikrant continued, "But if I have to clear the air about it, nobody was scared. Of anything. We are thorough professionals. If a certain level of kindness or gentleness is taken as being intimidated, then people really need to sort of understand different aspects of relationships."

Aaah! We thought so.

So does Vikrant agree he was the only good thing in Haseen Dillruba, which is getting mixed reviews from the critics?


"I would refrain from giving credence to what people are saying about Taapsee, Harshvardhan or the film. Because what you see me do is a result of what others have done. I would disagree with everyone who says it was not a nice film. I think it a very good film. I think Taapsee and Harshvardhan have done a great job. I don't know if my opinion counts, but I would disagree if people say I was the only good thing in the film. Nobody makes a film all by themselves; it's a proper team work. Amit Trivedi [music composer] has done a great job. My DOP has done a great job. Taapsee and my other co-actors have done a great job. Everybody has," he said.

Vikrant added, "If you think I have done a great job, that's a by-product of all these things. It's always a give and take among all people on the sets."

The uber talented actor, however, feels humbled and is thankful for all the adulation he's been receiving.

"I am really humbled. I am really grateful and thankful to the audiences for all the love and adulation. And even for the recommendations. Of late, I have noticed this trend on Twitter. People have been recommeding the film to others. They have been asking their friends and family to watch the film. I think that's the biggest achievement for any storyteller -- when you are recommended by someone to others," he said.

Haseen Dillruba, now streaming on Netflix, is headlined by Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant and Harshvardhan Rane. Set in a small town called Jwalapur,  the film is a murder mystery, and also stars Aditya Srivastava in a pivotal role.

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