“Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor Are In Love,” Daddy Mahesh Bhatt Declares!

Ranbir Kapoor- Alia Bhatt’s relationship has got approval from daddy Mahesh Bhatt. In an interview, the ace filmmaker has said that you don’t need a genius to get that Alia and Ranbir are in love. He has also thrown light on their future plans- marriage or no marriage? Read on to know

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“Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor Are In Love,” Daddy Mahesh Bhatt Declares!
Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are dating each other and there’s no denying that. With time, the couple’s love story has only grown stronger. While both- Ranbir and Alia- have indirectly made it very obvious that they are together and subtly hinted through interviews and statements what they mean to each other, now daddy Mahesh Bhatt has spelled out in clear words that his daughter is in love with Ranbir. 
During a recent interview with The Telegraph, the filmmaker opened up about his Alia’s relationship and said, “Well, of course they’re in love. You don’t need to be a genius to get that! I love Ranbir… he’s a great guy. What they do to their relationship is something they’ll have to figure out. Whether it’s heading towards that port called ‘marriage’ — which is an institution that needs to be questioned in the second decade of the 21st century — is something for them to figure out. I’m no one to hazard a guess when that would happen or which way the relationship is going. It’s life and life needs to be lived on its own terms. Let’s wait and see what tomorrow brings for us!”

Further, when Bhatt was asked about Ranbir’s last release Sanju and if he liked it, he said, “I did. I loved Ranbir (Kapoor) but that’s not the Sanjay Dutt that I know. Ranbir brought his own emotional chord to it but I don’t think Rajkumar (Hirani) was claiming to the world that he’s making an exact replica. People who are very close to Sanjay cannot connect with that portrayal in the movie. But India seems to have loved it… almost Rs 600 crore is not an ordinary figure.”
You may recall, a few months back, Ranbir had met Mahesh Bhatt over dinner at their residence, pictures of which SpotboyE.com had brought to you. Their first meeting was when Ranbir and Alia’s relationship had just taken off. Then, Alia had also dashed off to New York to be by Rishi Kapoor’s side as he is going through a medical treatment in the USA.
We had also told you, how Sanju star couldn't stop gushing over what happens when one falls in love. During an interview with Anupama Chopra, a few months back, he had said, “Falling in love is the greatest thing in the world, the greatest feeling in the world. When you fall in love, everything is great, even water tastes like sherbet. You feel great.”

Image Source: instagram/ranbir_alia ,Cinestaan