#BoycottRakshaBandhan Takes Over Twitter: Here’s 5 Akshay Kumar Films That Witnessed Brutal Controversies

Akshay Kumar’s films have often landed in controversy amid all the backlash Raksha Bandhan has suffered, here’s a list of actor’s film which landed in controversies

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#BoycottRakshaBandhan Takes Over Twitter: Here’s 5 Akshay Kumar Films That Witnessed Brutal Controversies
It's been just a few weeks since Akshay Kumar was last seen on the big screens in Samrat Prithviraj. Now, the actor is all set to return to the screen with his film Raksha Bandhan which would be released on August 11, 2022. 

But, the audience seems to be irked by Bollywood films and has vowed to Boycott Raksha Bandhan even before its release. Unfortunately, the Twitteratis couldn’t stop themselves from showing their discontent with the film and its makers by trending #BoycottRakshaBandan on Twitter. 

It all started with Kanika Dhillon's alleged Hinduphobic tweets, who is the co-writer of the film and now netizens are calling for a boycott of the film. However, the makers are yet to respond to the same. 

Well, this isn't the first time the actor and his films have landed in trouble, here’s a list of the Akshay Kumar film that fell in controversies.

Samrat Prithviraj

Akshay Kumar who was last seen in his periodic drama mired several controversies and one of them was about the title itself. While the film was previously titled Prithviraj, it was later renamed - ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ after much fervour from the Karni Sena. Further, the Gurjar community claimed that Prithviraj wrongly depicted him as Rajput. The film was released and it failed at the box office.

Good Newwz

Good Newwz went on to receive mixed reactions from the fans but at the end of the day it couldn’t evade controversies. 

A dialogue by Diljit had him saying, 'Mere Bache ka naam Hola Ram hai kyunki vo Holi pe paida hua tha', to which Akshay replies 'Acha hua apka bacha Lohri pe paida nahi hua…'. This hurt people’s sentiments.

Good Newwz is quite an example of how the audience can be irked even by seemingly insensitive dialogues.

Oh My God

This Akshay Kumar film was greatly appreciated but still went on to face the brunt from the audience. The film showed Hindu priests as corrupt and it was considered offensive by many. 

And guess what! The screening of the film was brought to a halt in Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Nawanshahr, Hoshiarpur and other places in Punjab.


Laxmii was previously titled Laxmii Bomb, but people found it offensive as many reported found that the association of the Goddess Laxmii to a bomb was derogatory. Well, the title was eventually changed after many protests. 

Ram Setu

The film is yet to make it to the theatres but in India, even the film’s posters can mire controversies. On the poster, Myth or Reality was written and netizens objected to it. A politician also objected to Ram Setu and stated that the film portrays wrong facts.

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