“Disgusting And Classless,” Sonam Kapoor On Vivek Oberoi’s Post On Aishwarya Rai-Salman Khan; Twitter Users Call Him “Loser”

Vivek Oberoi took to Twitter, a few minutes back, and posted a meme, mocking Aishwarya Rai’s relationship with Salman Khan and himself. It also had a mention of Mrs Bachchan’s husband, Abhishek. Now, Sonam Kapoor has lambasted the actor and netizens too have trolled him for it

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“Disgusting And Classless,” Sonam Kapoor On Vivek Oberoi’s Post On Aishwarya Rai-Salman Khan; Twitter Users Call Him “Loser”
Looks like Vivek Oberoi’s gimmick to get attention before the release of his much-controversial film, PM Narendra Modi has backfired. The Company actor took to Twitter, a few minutes back, to post a meme, which was based on his relationship with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. The meme compared Mrs Bachchan’s personal life with elections results. Vivek took the “creative” liberty to retweet it. But this didn’t go down well with people in the industry and also netizens. Sonam Kapoor reacted on it and has called the tweet disgusting and classless.

Vivek Oberoi chronicled Aishwarya's 3 relationships into a collage, titling them as Opinion Poll (with Salman), Exit Poll (with himself) and Result with Abhishek). What the Yuva actor clearly means is that the public wanted Aishwarya to marry Salman- but later the tide changed and it was almost a foregone conclusion that she would marry him- but eventually she went on to settle down with Abhishek. Here’s his tweet:
Vivek Oberoi

And here’s what Sonam expressed on Twitter:

Sonam Kapoor

The users on Twitter have also tagged Vivek as Loser. Many have condemned his act and said it’s stooping to another level. They called it absurd and asked Vivek to get a life. Here are some of the comments by trolls:

Now, we wonder why Vivek, who has been apologetic about his behaviour to Salman Khan, a number of times in the past, would do something so bizarre, especially when it involves a woman’s personal life. It doesn’t demean just Aishwarya but his wife Piyanka too. Is this a marketing campaign to revive the Modi biopic which had been kept at the backburner since a month after the Election Commission debarred its screening before the Lok Sabha election was over in all the seven phases? Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t look like Vivek will come out of this easy. Meanwhile, Twitteratis have started a #apologisevivek drive. But will he?   

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