'F**k' OR 'Tu Mujhe Aisa Swadisht Khana Khila Chuki Hai'- Which Is More Distasteful? Pahlaj Nihalani Wants To Know

Well, we are not answering that. But readers are free to have their say on @spotboye or in Comments section below on what Rangeela Raja maker Pahlaj Nihalani wants to know...

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'F**k' OR 'Tu Mujhe Aisa Swadisht Khana Khila Chuki Hai'- Which Is More Distasteful? Pahlaj Nihalani Wants To Know

Rangeela Raja is dancing on Pahlaj Nihalani's head and the man is now spitting fire. Last evening, we found him livid, reading Censor Board's reasons of refusing his film. One of the two dialogues which has bothered the Censors is that after a rape scene, the man in question says: Tu Mujhe Aisa Swadisht Khana Khila Chuki Hai. Pahlaj thinks this cut is unjustified.

The filmmaker tells SpotboyE.com, "Words like F**k and Sc** find their way into U/A films, why can't I be given the lineTu Mujhe Aisa Swadisht Khana Khila Chuki Hai?  I really want to know which is more distasteful. Also, can anyone explain to me how Stree, which discussed masturbation, got a U/A?" Argue with him that the objection must have stemmed from the fact that the line stems in the film soon after a rape. Pahlaj shoots back,"I haven't shown any rape act. Whatever is shown is only symbolic." Pahlaj adds, "I am aware of the Censor Board guidelines. I was the Chairman before Prasoon Joshi, wasn't I? If the rape act has not been shown, this particular dialogue cannot be scissored. And pray. tell me, why should I change my storyline?"


The film awaits a clearance from Bombay High Court tomorrow. Else, Pahlaj is likely to approach the Revising Committee and/or Tribunal. It was supposed to hit theatres on November 23, but Pahlaj was adamant that he won't release it with cuts. He approached the Bombay High Court, but the Diwali holidays delayed the hearing(s) and verdict.

A Still From Rangeela Raja

Not too long ago, Pahlaj and his film's cast Govinda, Mishika Chaurasia and Shakti Kapoor had addressed a press conference (at Sun-N-Sand Hotel, Juhu). At the conference, Nihalani had said, “Prasoon is not doing a fair job. What kind of censorship do we have where the Chief is not accessible to the producers, whose films he is supposed to certify?” Referring to Prasoon Joshi, he further said, “He is hardly present in his office plus he is known to sign certificates only in Taj Hotel which is bizarre. While, I was serving as the Censor Chief, I was there in the office almost every day.” He stressed on the fact that an RO (Read: Tushar Karmarkar) can’t alone decide the fate of the movie (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

Later, Govinda strongly hinted that someone is sabotaging his career since 9 years. He said, "I did a movie with Ravi Chopra and it didn’t release, I did a movie with Ashtavinayak and it didn’t release. So, every time I do a movie, I don’t get a platform as some of my movies don’t even make it and that is very unfair to a senior actor like me. I don’t know who is doing this, but there is definitely someone who doesn’t want me to be in the centre again. Basically, is it because I had joined politics? But I left that field long ago and now I even choose my words and speak- and plus today I am pleading with folded hands to allow me to continue my first love, which is acting. A similar thing happened when Fryday released hardly in few theatres.  What more can I say?”

Lead actress of Rangeela Raja, Mishika Chourasia said, "I don't understand the objections raised by the Censor Board. Our film doesn’t have any slang language. In fact, we have a husband and wife in the film. A husband-wife relationship is supposed to be very open. And that's just how Rangeela Raja goes about it." 

Some of the other cuts which the Censor Board has asked for, are listed below:

·     Mera Dhyaan Pooja Mein Tha (remove the gesture of hand)
·     Ghevar Kitna Ras Bhara Hai, Ahista Ahista Kholna
·     Talwar Miyan Se Bahar Niklegi Toh Tumhe Lene Ke Dene Pad Jayenge
·     Jab Jab Raavan Sita Ka Apaharan Karega, Tab Tak Hanuman Ram Ka Saath Dene Aayega (Cut the mention of Ram)
·     Raat Ko Aap Arjun Ki Tarah Teer Nikalke Bahar Jaate Ho


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