'how Can An Actor Ignore The Box Office?' : Ajay Devgn

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'how Can An Actor Ignore The Box Office?' : Ajay Devgn

A section of the media speculated few months ago that Golmaal’s fourth outing may soon take off by 2015-16. For the first time, Ajay Devgn admitted that buddy, director Rohit Shetty and he are planning the next project in the Golmaal series. Find out what he had to say!

One hears of so many projects that topline you, but theres nothing on the anvil with Rohit Shetty. Why?

No, we are planning something. Weve been talking about the fourth instalment of Golmaal. And theres another interesting idea were working on as well. Lets see which one shapes up better and faster. Whatever we do, it will be in the fun space.

What about Prakash Jhas films? There are plans to rope you in for Raajneeti 2 and Satsang?

Prakash is writing both the films at the moment, so I cant comment on them. Lets see which one shapes better. I love the concepts he has in mind for both the films.

Most of your films, including the one you plan to direct, are in the action space. Are you consciously avoiding dramas?

No, Shivaay has a lot of drama and a healthy dose of action too. I havent come across a decent script in the drama space. Ive found better scripts in the action and comedy genres. Have you seen Drishyam? Its an emotional film and doesnt have action at all. That will be something different coming from me.

Whats the status on Tusshar Kapoor and Shabina Khans film that they were planning with you?

His team is still working on the script. So till I dont see the script, I cant say whether Ill do it or not.

What went wrong with Ram Madhwanis film that you were to produce for Kajol?

When we discussed it as an idea, it sounded fine to me but when I heard the script, I felt it wasnt apt for Kajol. With her age and experience, she shouldnt be doing such parts.

After 24 years of work, do you get anxious when a film is up for release?

Yes, I do, but not too much. You just want people to watch your film and like it. Thankfully, Ive crossed the phase where one would shiver about the outcome of a movie on Friday.

Do you really bother about box office collections?

If someone says they dont, theyre lying. We make the film for the box office. We want our films to do well, right? The numbers at the box office speak for how many people have cared to watch the film and have, hopefully, liked it too. We all vie for appreciation. Box office is the public verdict, how can an actor not bother about it?

Was it for the sake of a good box office that the producers altered the films release date so often?

No, we had a set target and somehow we didnt meet it. And then I got involved with Singham Returns because we had a set release date for it. In the meantime, Action Jackson only got enhanced.

Reportedly, you had personal issues with the producers and also had a tough time working with Prabhudheva. It was also said that you were attending to your ailing father Veeru which pushed the film?

No, I had no issues with anyone. Who will I have issues with? Eros and I are co-producing Shivaay. Ive worked with Baba Films in the past. To answer your second par to of the question - my father is fine. I wasnt attending to him. Prabhu and I are already talking about another film together. Hes working on the concept. Lets see.

With Shivaay ready to go on floors, would you have time for the Drishyam remake and numerous films being produced by you?

Thats not numerous. Weve been collecting scripts for one and a half years now. We've just collected a handful. I have people to look after them. I lead a chilled out life. I do one film a year on an average. So, I do have time on hand to be involved with them. Shivaay is a big project. And Im virtually off everything else now. The Drishyam remake will take a bit to get started, and by then hopefully, Shivaay will be done with.

Kajols most prominent film, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge completes a 1000 weeks this month. Comment.

Im very proud of Kajol and the entire team of the film. Ive already congratulated them, but to be honest, I havent seen the film entirely as yet. Ive seen it in bits and pieces. Actually, I dont have the time to watch movies. I dont even get to watch my own movies.

Shah Rukh Khan has very proudly announced that his daughter Suhana harbours acting dreams. Does Nysa have similar aspirations?

No, I dont think she does. And please, I want to keep her away from all this. Some website reported that Kajol wants her to start working from the age of 15. The truth is Kajol and I dont want her lurking anywhere near movies, not now for sure. Were both not in favour.