‘India Drinks A LOT!’ Says Priyanka Chopra On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

That’s what happens when you appear on a talk show and gulp down Tequila shots! Priyanka Chopra made her debut on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. What followed was all in ‘High Spirits’!

There are hardly any American Television chat shows left where Priyanka hasn’t appeared as the guest. She recently made her debut on the America’s most favourite talk show- Ellen DeGeneres Show as well.

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Image Source: instagram/teampc18

Looking stunning in a white Croatia frock dress, PeeCee nailed it with her high energy and frankness.

The highlight of the show were the Tequila shots which Priyanka gulped down very smoothly (coughing a little later though). Looks like she has become a pro at it! Last time she took Tequila shots on television was at the Emmys red carpet. And now on Ellen’s show, Priyanka was made to do that again. 

Priyanka also confessed she went all wonky at the Emmys red carpet after having the Tequila shots as she consumed it empty stomach. Thankfully this time Priyanka had a bite before coming on Ellen’s show.

While conversing about how Americans love drinking, our Desi Girl was quick to add, ‘India drinks a lot’. She also confessed that ‘red wine’ was what she usually had as it was 'appropriate' to say that on the show as it airs twice a week in the country.

Priyanka Chopra is currently doing Quan2co and is receiving positive response for the show. She has taken the boldness meters up with the second season. From love-making scenes to hot sensuous appearances, Priyanka is seen doing it all in the current season (Priyanka Chopra Makes Unhibited, Hot Love With Jake McLaughlin In This Video, Oct 2).

Besides this, she has bagged a crucial role in the Hollywood film ‘Baywatch’ opposite Dwayne Johnson. Priyanka is playing the antagonist in the film.

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/teampc18 & twitter/TheEllenShow