#MeToo: Neha Bhasin Says Anu Malik Sexually Harassed Her At The Age Of 21 As Sona Mohapatra Blasts Indian Idol Makers

After Sona Mohapatra, Jag Ghoomiya singer Neha Bhasin has taken to her Insta and called out Anu Malik’s name under the ongoing #MeToo movement for sexually harassing her at the age of 21

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#MeToo: Neha Bhasin Says Anu Malik Sexually Harassed Her At The Age Of 21 As Sona Mohapatra Blasts Indian Idol Makers

Ever since Anu Malik has come back to the judging seat of singing reality show Indian Idol season 11 sharing the panel with Vishal Dadlani and Neha Kakkar. It’s been since a few days, singer Sona Mohapatra has been slamming the makers on bringing Anu Malik, whose name was called out in #MeToo. In a series of Tweet, Sona Mohapatra said that after she called out Anu Malik, she was asked to leave the judging seat.

Her tweets read, “It takes only a Nirbhaya level tragedy for #India to wake up? A few days after these, I was asked to leave my judge seat. My co-judge told me, the publicity I provided to Anu Malik took up the trps of our ‘rival’ show. (?!) A year later, a sexual predator is back on the same seat.”

Subsequently Sona Mahapatra too posted. “I have known the spunky, driven & talented @nehabhasin4u  since her Viva days & know she would’ve dealt with the trauma bravely w/o succumbing. I also know 2 many who were victimised! Youngsters & parents on a reality show are desperate to win & Anu Malik has been a judge for 11yrs?,” read Sona’s Tweet. (READ ALSO: Sonu Nigam Asked My Husband To ‘Keep Me In Check’ During Me Too, Claims Sona Mohapatra)

Check out Sona's open letter which was directed at the makers of Indian Idol.

Later replying to Sona, Neha wrote, “I agree with you. We do live in a very sexist world. Anu Malik is a predator, I too have run away from his strange moves when I was 21. I didn't let myself get into a sticky situation beyond him lying on a sofa in front of me talking about my eyes in a studio. I fleed lying.”

“I fleed lying my mums waiting below. He even msgd and called me after that to which I stopped responding. The point is I went to give him my cd and hope for a chance at a song. He was older and shouldn't have behaved the way he did. @The_AnuMalik is an ugly pervert and does not,” read another tweet.

She further wrote, “Even though I have a brave DNA Sona :) as you have known me the industry or the world was not an easy place as a young girl alone away from family due to many such Incidents or getting a hunch of such perverts. Perverts exist inside n outside our industry but why are we so”

Also taking to her Insta story Neha wrote, “I supported Sona Mohapatra and called out Anu Malik for what he is a pervert and a predator on my Twitter account, as a nation we need to stop normalizing men hurting a woman or worse still a girl or even a boy’s dignity. It is not OK. And by forgiving them you give them the arms to do it again. Not OK."


Neha Bhasin's Insta Story

We are more than eager to know what the makers of Indian Idol would say about the recent allegations levied on Anu Malik.

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