14 Phere: When Gauahar Khan Made Vikrant Massey’s Heart Skip A Beat; Here's What Happened -EXCLUSIVE

Vikrant Massey shares the incident when his on screen ‘fake’ mother in 14 Phere, Gauahar Khan, made his heart skip a beat

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14 Phere: When Gauahar Khan Made Vikrant Massey’s Heart Skip A Beat; Here's What Happened -EXCLUSIVE
This Friday, Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda are bringing double the fun on screen with their two weddings in 14 Phere. The comic caper is a family comedy about a couple who go through two weddings, one with each of their respective families, by hiring a fake family for the other one. The film also features Gauahar Khan as an aspiring artist who plays the fake mother to both Vikrant and Kriti respectively for the two weddings.

For her role as the fake mother, Guahar has used prosthetics to look older but even after that, the gorgeous actor was able to make Vikrant’s heart race. Sharing an incident from the set, Vikrant reveals, “On the first day of shoot of our film, we were shooting for a train sequence at the Kamalistan Studios. Gauahar was in the prosthetics for that sequence, so slowly we got used to seeing her in that attire, even though we know she is a young and gorgeous woman.”

However, after about a month, Vikrant had a special encounter with his on screen ‘fake’ mother. “One day, we were shooting in a home at Madh Island for a get together scene and it had been about 20-25 days of shoot already. For that scene, Gauahar wasn’t in the get up and she walked on the set as the gorgeous Gauahar Khan that she is. I was just sitting there when she just walked by me from behind and my heart just skipped a beat,” he gushes.

Seeing Gauahar being the gorgeous woman that she is, made Vikrant blush. “My heart actually skipped a beat as my mind had formed that image that she was Mataji, she was Zubina. But when I saw Gauahar as herself, my heart skipped a beat as she was so pretty. It was like a proper trolley shot for me,” he quips.

Image Source: Instagram/gauaharkhan/vikrantmassey, spotboye archives