1ST Anniversary Of Sonam's Neerja: 5 Scenes Which Will Still Give You Chills

Neerja completes one year today and we cannot forget Sonam's inspiring performance, which won her the SpotboyE Salaam For Best Actor (Female)

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1ST Anniversary Of Sonam's Neerja: 5 Scenes Which Will Still Give You Chills
Neerja, the biopic of braveheart Neerja Bhanot, the air hostess who sacrificed her life to save passengers on the hijacked Pan Am flight in 1986, was one of the most memorable films of 2016.

While Sonam won the SpotboyE Salaam For Best Actor (Female), Neerja picked up 3 more SpotboyE Salaams, Best Supporting Actor (Female) for Shabana Azmi, Best Screenplay for Saiwyn Quadras and Best Director, Critics for Ram Madhvani.

As the film completes a year, here are 5 unforgettable moments from Neerja:

Sonam’s Introduction
opening scene from neerja

Sonam Kapoor is at her zesty best in the scene as she has a conversation with the taxi driver. The free spirited Neerja tells him: "Babu moshai zindagi badi honi chahiye lambi nahi". Little does she know that her life will indeed be cut short.

Sonam Is Forced To Sing
still from neerja

The plane is hijacked and Neerja is trying her best to save as many lives as possible. The terrorists mock her and ask her to sing. The image of Neerja singing  her favourite song, Mere Sapnon Ki Rani from Aradhna, with a gun to her head and tears in her eyes, is gut-wrenching.  

Sonam Sacrifices Her Life
still from neerja

The most difficult-to-watch scene of the movie is the one where Neerja is gunned down while trying to save a child on the plane. Even in her last moments, she passes on a favourite dialogue to the kid, 'Pushpa, I hate tears'. Can't forget the expression in Sonam's eyes then.

Shabana Azmi’s Speech
still from neerja

Shabana plays Neerja’s mother Rama Bhanot. The pride she feels at the bravery of her daughter is evident where she is seen delivering a speech after her daughter’s death. You can almost seamlessly fit in the scene where she closes her house door to go to the airport where Sonam's body is expected to arrive.

The Message
neerja poster

Even as Rama is preparing to receive her dead daughter’s body, you can hear planes taking off in the background. The director cleverly leaves us with the message that life  continues for the outside world no matter what.

We can list more scenes especially where Sonam is assaulted by the hijacker, what a heart-wrenching film and what a lovely performance!

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