A Fitness Centre Is Selling Ali Fazal Inspired Fitness Package In Lucknow

Owing to Ali Fazal’s popularity on social media for his physical fitness, his fans from Lucknow have begun offering fitness packages

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A Fitness Centre Is Selling Ali Fazal Inspired Fitness Package In Lucknow
International star Ali Fazal made it the headlines of many national and international tabloids during the release of Victoria and Abdul. Ali gained immense popularity for a character he played on a popular. In the series, he played a dreaded gangster and to play his part Ali gained more than 10kg of muscles.

In personal life too, Ali took this as his personal fitness inspiration and kept at it to further his fitness mantra. With the help of Mustafa Ahmed he has achieved a ripped muscular physique in his personal life too. Mustafa has to his credit having trained the likes of Hrithik Roshan and Mahesh Babu. Owing to his popularity on social media for his immense physical fitness, Ali’s fans from his hometown having begun offering fitness packages under his name and his immensely popular character name from the series.

Ali has been a fitness enthusiast right from his younger days. His massive popularity being a fitness enthusiast multiplied his popularity amongst many of his young fans in his hometown Lucknow. Interestingly one of the fitness centre in Lucknow took to his fandom to next level by offering Package to their members. The gym Super Fitness Club situated in the heart of Lucknow other than offering various forms fitness packages is also offering a very interesting physical transformation regime to their members who wish to have fitness like Ali Fazal

Speaking about his reaction, Ali shared, "It was hilarious when this first surfaced on the internet. A friend of mine shared it with me and a few local fans on twitter tagged me. I found it very funny but honestly it’s very flattering that you realise that you can influence people to this extent. It’s funny to think of it but as an artist it also reminds you how much an impact it can have and the popular cultural references people take from actors and the characters we play on screen. Also in the last few days of shooting it was amazing to see so many fans come to me and tell me they started working out after seeing me on social media".

Image Source:- sportzwiki/instagram/alifazal9/justdial