Abhay Deol On His Absence In Bollywood: “No One Is Giving Me Any Work"

During his recent interview, Abhay Deol was asked about his absence from Bollywood industry. The actor didn’t hold back as he replied, “No one is giving me any work”

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Abhay Deol On His Absence In Bollywood: “No One Is Giving Me Any Work"
Abhay Deol is in an on and off relationship with Bollywood. After a movie or two, his fans start missing his presence on the big screen, so during a recent promotional interview with Mid-day, the Nanu Ki Janu actor was asked about the same. Without holding back, Abhay replied, “No one is giving me any work”.

Further speaking about his long absence from the big screens, he added, "The kind of content I want to be part of, is hardly made. At the same time, I have not closed myself to anything. As long as it excites me, I am game for it.” Deol Jr further revealed, “It is a choice I have made. The kind of stories I like often comes from debutant directors. So, to ensure that the film sees the light of day is a long process in itself."

"I haven't bagged awards or made any landmark project, so there won't be much to celebrate. If you go against the mainstream narrative, you do not get the [desired] visibility." Even though the Deol family has two MPs in Sunny Deol and Hema Malini, he has little inclination to join politics. "I am not cut out for it. I am striving for change in my own space,” he quips.

Last year, Abhay Deol had reacted on being labeled as different in Bollywood, he had told Times Of India, “I think the bar is set so low in our industry that someone like myself and I think I’m pretty average, can be the one person considered different purely just because I am sticking to my beliefs. I think if more people did what I did, we would have a much broader industry, more variety of work and you wouldn’t think twice about people being picky about what they do because you would think that it’s expected of an artist. So in context, it looks like I’m being different but the truth is I’m no different than anybody else.”

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