After Being Accused Of Plagiarism, Newton Director Amit V Masurkar Says, "Forget Copy, It Isn’t Even Inspired By Secret Ballot"

Rajkummar Rao's latest release Newton is fighting a tough battle of plagiarism on social media. The film is said to be copied from Iranian film, Secret Ballot (2001). However, director Amit V Masurkar retorts sharply to these claims. Read on to know...

Right after Rajukummar Rao starrer Newton was declared India's official entry to the Oscars, there began reports coming of it being copied from an Iranian film, Secret Ballot (2001). People even thought that such a plagiarism claim might just take the chance away of Newton getting an Oscar. However, director Amit V Masurkar refuted the claims point blank.

amit v masurkar defends newton

Amit V Masurkar Defends His Film Newton Against Plagiarism Charges

“It would be best if people watch both films before deciding or writing an article. We hadn’t even heard of Secret Ballot when we were writing the script. Newton is very rooted. If it was a copy, do you think Berlin, Tribeca would have programmed it? The other film has also won international awards. Newton is not a copy of any other film, it isn’t even inspired,” said Amit when asked about these plagiarism claims.

The rumours started after NDTV ran an article stating the plagiarism charges. Secret Ballot has a female bureaucrat as the protagonist arriving at a remote island to take charge of the voting process. It does sound quite similar to the plot of Newton, but are they really same? Will these reports hamper Newton's chances of winning the coveted Oscar?

Well, only time will tell.

Image Source: babachu & volkrit