Ajay Devgn Gets Trolled For Smoking Next To His Son

Unable to get rid of his smoking addiction, Ajay Devgn invites trouble on social media...

Ajay Devgn, turned 49 yesterday (April 2) & is currently in Paris with his family. The actor shared a few pictures on Instagram from their vacation but instead of wishes the birthday boy was showered with fierce comments.

In one of the pictures shared by the actor, he is seen holding a cigarette while he stands next to his 7-year-old son, Yug.  Netizens took notice of it and started slamming Ajay for smoking with a child that too in a public place.

One of the users commented, “But sir it's bad habit to smoke in front of kids”, while another said, “sir I can see a cigarette in your hand. Sir you’re role model for so many young ppl please avoid cigarettes in front of kids.”

Here are a few more comments:

Ajay Devgn Trolls

Trolls comment on Ajay Devgn's recent post

Ajay is one of the most respected actors of Bollywood but looks like he neglected the health hazards related to smoking, especially while he is along with his kids. 

Surprisingly Kajol who advocates children’s health and hygiene too have shared the father- son picture on her Instagram handle.

When Kajol's father suffered a heart-attack (2008), she was extremely worried about the consequences of smoking, and how it was literally death looming in the air. She successfully made her husband, Ajay Devgn get past his addiction last year and quit smoking for good.

But this picture proves that Ajay cannot keep himself away from his smoking addiction.

Images Source: instagram/ajaydevgn, instagram/kajol