Akshay Kumar Mocks Twinkle Khanna’s Acting Skills, Here’s What The Actress Says...

Superstar Akshay Kumar picked on Twinkle Khanna for taking up acting in a recent interview. Wifey dearest has something to say to him

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Akshay Kumar Mocks Twinkle Khanna’s Acting Skills, Here’s What The Actress Says...

If we were to talk about ‘cool’ Bollywood couples, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna would probably top the list. They complement each other perfectly and are always up for some hilarious banter.

The superstar has begun promoting his upcoming film, Gold, and during an interview spoke about the film, Twinkle Khanna’s upcoming book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving, and landing a spot in the Forbes's 2018 list of world's highest-paid entertainers among others things.

While discussing Twinkle’s switch from acting to writing, Akshay was asked if, according to him, she took the right decision. He said, “Yes, looking at the 14 films what she has done, writing has been her best decision. I still remember when I was doing films with her, before the shot was ready and the lighting was done, she used to just have a book and she used to keep on reading. There was a fruit plate beside her and she used to finish the entire fruit plate and keep on reading. She used to read one novel a day.”

Did he mean that she wasn’t focusing on acting, he said, “That’s right.”
Twinkle Khanna was rather amused at her hubby dearest’s comment. The actress took to Twitter to comment on what he had to say and wrote, “Like I don’t have enough trolls lurking around in the outside world :)”

The superstar’s last film, Padman, had Twinkle don the hat of the producer. Will she take up the role again? Akshay said, “My wife is very, very choosy, I don’t know what is in her head and right now she is busy with her book. I don’t read books but I do know the story of her next. I am one of those to whom she narrates the story as I can’t sit and read, I am into sports. I love the title of her book.”

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