Akshay Kumar On Gyanvapi Row: ‘Dekhne Mein Shivling Hi Lagta Hai’-READ BELOW!

Akshay Kumar has apparently engaged himself in a debate surrounding the Gyanvapi findings and said ‘Dekhne mein shivling hi lagta hai’

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Akshay Kumar On Gyanvapi Row: ‘Dekhne Mein Shivling Hi Lagta Hai’-READ BELOW!
Akshay Kumar is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming film Samrat Prithviraj. He has yet again sparked controversy as he aparently engaged himself in a debate surrounding the Gyanvapi findings, which already has a lot of chatter around it, especially on social media. The much-debated issue has also spewed political turmoil in the country. 

Now, Akshay Kumar has finally shared his take on the same and said, "Jo aaya hai, uske upar sarkar ya phir ASI wale, archeological survey and judges they are better to say about it. They know much more. I have just seen the video, hume utna samajh nahin aayega. Dekhne mein shivling hi lagta hai," he told Navbharat Times. 

During the same interview, Akki was also asked what would he do if he became the prime minister for a day, somewhat similar to what we have seen in Anil Kumar’s Naayak, he said, "Mera cutout PM k liye nahin bana. it is for an actor and am happy in my small world. Our PM does so much work, I do not think I can do so much work in one day."

Furthermore, the actor also recalled his 2019 interview for which he faced much criticism and said that he had refrained from putting forward policy questions to the PM as it would have looked ‘fake’.

He told ANI, "I asked him questions straight from my heart, things that I wanted to know, just like a common man would ask. Things like why our PM wears his watch upside down? I just wanted to know it (on the manner in which PM Modi ate mangoes). Otherwise, what difference would there be between me and others? I would not go and question him about policies. That is not my job. If I had done so, it would have looked fake. I just wanted to ask him simple and straight questions. We just talked and I cracked jokes". 

The 54-year-old actor also reflected on Cannes 2022, and shared that ‘no one invited him’.

He said, "I couldn't go. That was the first time in my life that I got an invitation to go to Cannes. Mujhe kisi ne nahi bulaya (No one invited me earlier)... It might be possible that I have not done such films that can go to Cannes. Nahi bulaya nahi bulaya isme sharam ki kya baat hai (I was not invited earlier and there is nothing to be ashamed of)."

Meanwhile, he also pointed out that things have been changing for India. All thanks to PM Narendra Modi. "...I am sure and all thanks to our Prime Minister who has taken us so big in such a huge way internationally. Things are changing for our country," he added.

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