Akshay Kumar Says ‘Well Done’ To A 10-Year-Old ‘Karate’ Boy For Breaking Car’s Windscreen To Save His Family From Drowning

Akshay Kumar who is known for his martial and karate skills was seen praising a 10-year-old boy who saved his family from drowning. Read on…

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Akshay Kumar Says ‘Well Done’ To A 10-Year-Old ‘Karate’ Boy For Breaking Car’s Windscreen To Save His Family From Drowning
Actor Akshay Kumar is considered to be one of the daredevil action heroes in Hindi Cinema. Known for his martial arts and Karate skills, Akshay is famous for the Khiladi tag. Apart from being an entertainer in the industry, the actor also promotes fitness through all his endeavours. The actor is trained in karate, Kudo, Taekwondo and Muay Thai among other forms of martial arts. Having said that, when he came across news of a 10-year-old boy saving his family from drowning, he couldn’t hold back but praised the ‘Karate kid’. 

Well, just recently it was reported that a 10-year-old boy named, Shree Bhayade and his family were crossing the narrow Kashid bridge on Murud-Alibaug Road in Raigad. However, their SUV got stuck and floodwaters started getting into the vehicle. Due to this, the doors got jammed. With his presence of mind, Shree then tried to smash the rear windscreen. He kicked it till it got shattered, he passed through space and helped his father to get out of the car. His father then managed to rescue his wife and other children. 

Seeing his bravery and using his karate skills for survival, Akshay was mighty impressed with the kid as he said ‘well done.’ He tweeted, “Seven years of Karate training helped this 10-yr-old boy save his family’s, and his own life. Well done, Shree! Proves my belief that martial arts are not mere sports, they are true lifesavers. Learn self-defence techniques, waqt padne pe bahot kaam aati hain.”

Akshay is often seen endorsing karate and self-defence skills. He, in fact, intended to open training classes across the country along with Yuva Sena chief Aaditya Thackeray. 

Talking about the same, he told Mumbai Mirror, “Karate is me. I am Akshay because of Karate. I owe it my life, my career, my reason for being the disciplined action hero that I am. I think karate should be made compulsory in schools so that children have the ability to defend and discipline themselves,” he was quoted as saying. 

Image source: SpotboyE archives