Ali Afzal's Name Is Driving Pakistani Actor Ali Zafar MAD!

Pakistani actor Ali Zafar was trolled a few months back for supporting fellow actress Mahira Khan. Now, another fellow Pakistani actor, Ali Afzal's name is irking him and Zafar took to social media to share his displeasure. Read on to know the full story...

Ali Zafar may have been away from Bollywood for quite a long time, but he is making headlines in his native country Pakistan. However, the singer-turned-actor is now pissed at people tagging him on social media. Wonder why?

Well, people, especially the media of Pakistan, keep tagging Ali Zafar instead of Ali Afzal, who is another senior Pakistani actor. Check out Ali's latest tweet:

Ali's tweet read, "Would request the press to kindly tag Ali Afzal for his new Film. Ali Zafar/Ali Afzal. Different names. Different people, with mutual respect :) cheers (sic)."
Coming back to Ali, a few months back he stood up for fellow actress Mahira Khan on social media, when she was being trolled for smoking on the streets of New York with Ranbir Kapoor.

Soon enough, Ali was also trolled for supporting Mahira.
In Bollywood, Ali was last seen opposite Alia Bhatt in Dear Zindagi, where he played one of her many boyfriends.

Image Source: twitter/alizafar/alifazal_fanc