Amrita Rao Gushes About Her First Mother's Day As A New Mom, 'Veer Is Our Best Entertainer Right Now'-EXCLUSIVE

Amrita Rao, who became a mother six months ago to son Veer, talks about the importance of her first Mother’s Day. She reveals how Veer has affected her life, her plans for her own mother and her plans of getting back to work.

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Amrita Rao Gushes About Her First Mother's Day As A New Mom, 'Veer Is Our Best Entertainer Right Now'-EXCLUSIVE
On November 1, Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol entered a new phase in their life as they welcomed their bundle of joy, Veer. The two have been doting on the now six-month-old, and even social media has been a witness to their cuddly love story. Today marks Amrita’s first Mother’s Day since she became a mother herself and she admits that the day has become all the more special now. “First times are always special and it is my first Mother’s Day with Veer in my arms, so it is very differently special,” she exults.

Women say that your perception towards life and motherhood changes once you experience it yourself and Amrita agrees to that testament. “The whole meaning and concept of the day and motherhood has changed for me. It has been such a learning and an educational experience till now with me learning something new every day,” she shares, adding that something inside her has changed for the better since she held Veer in her arms for the first time. “Now, there is this lingering feeling of responsibility all the time, even if I go out just for a drive by myself. It comes with a sense of void, that you have left a part of yourself back at home and that is a feeling you never had before.”


While Amrita was pregnant, Anmol was a doting husband, playing the guitar for her and reading the Bhagvad Gita to her and the unborn Veer then, every night. Ask her if the doting still continues and Amrita laughs, “Once the baby pops out, the focus is clearly the baby in every way. You can have as much doting you want but only till the last day of your pregnancy. After that, all the doting is reserved for the baby only.”

But it’s not like Anmol doesn’t remember her as well. Amrita reveals what he has done for her today. “For Mother’s Day, Anmol has already got me some nice pearl jewellery and he told me that I truly deserve it as I have been a great mom,” she smiles.


The value and importance of family time has also changed for the new parents with the arrival of Veer. The newest member of their family always keeps them on their toes and gives them something new and amusing every day. “Veer keeps entertaining the two of us all the time. Every minute there is something new, a new expression or a new sound. There is so much newness to our day, all because of him. We are also learning and observing so much, so Veer is like our best entertainer right now,” Amrita asserts.

The actress goes on to share the first experience of amusement she experienced with Veer. “There are so many amusing moments with him but the first time I was actually surprised was the day of his first vaccination. I hid myself behind Anmol as I couldn’t bring myself to see him getting that shot. He cried and howled the whole time, but the minute I revealed myself, he looked at me and it was like his whole world just got still. He just looked at me and stopped crying. The look was like him asking where was I and that was the first time I felt like a mother. It was the first time I realised that he actually recognises me and the impact I have on him. That moment is something I will never forget,” Amrita recalls emotionally.

Talking of Veer recognising her, recently Amrita had a hair makeover. So, since Veer is in the stage where he is starting to recognise her, did he notice that change? “He did and his reaction did change. His expression was of amusement as if he was asking me what had I done. It took him some time to register,” Amrita smiles.

Recently Veer turned six-months-old, so how did the couple celebrate that special day? “We had our own little celebration, and it was truly a big moment as there was a change of diet for him in consultation with his paediatrician. It was truly celebrational as once we heard the variety of food that he could eat, it was actually a time to celebrate,” Amrita shares gleefully.

But having to raise a child during a pandemic, it must concern her as a mother that Veer might not get as much outside exposure in his initial years. Mention that to Amrita and she agrees. “Absolutely. If the pandemic had broken the way like it had, before Veer was conceived, perhaps we would have not planned a baby. But the timing was such that he was meant to come in our life. We got the news about him just before the news of the pandemic or the lockdown broke here. I think he was just meant to be in our life,” she shares.

Mother’s Day is also about Amrita’s mother too. So, ask her what she has planned for her mother today and Amrita responds, “I have also ordered a pair of earrings for my mom and will do a video call with her. I am also learning now,” she quips.

Every child idolises their mother, and even Amrita does that. So, when asked about that one quality of her mother that she embodies or wants to embody as a mother herself, she shares, “My mom is very giving, unconditionally. That is a great quality to have. Even in my childhood, there were no pre-conditions applied to giving me whatever I asked for. I got whatever I wanted to and that is something I will definitely embody from her as I feel that is a very special quality.”

Throughout our life, our mothers tell us that there are certain things we’d understand only after becoming parents ourselves. So, has Amrita had any moment of such epiphany yet? “I am sure I had troubled my mom much more than Veer. But I feel like no matter how much you tire yourself out, you don’t feel that tiredness when you are with your child. That feeling of caring comes automatically with motherhood. I have not slept for eight hours at a stretch for more than 16 months now but I don’t feel it. So, a lot of things happen at automation mode and that is the magic I feel that comes with motherhood,” she insists.

After spending all her time in the last six months with Veer and taking care of him, does she think about getting back to work once things resume? “Yes, I do think of getting back to work as my mom has been a working mom herself. She did not give up her career when I was born and I think that was the best thing she did and I take inspiration from that. I think my message to all working mom would be that they should not feel guilty about their work. There are fears and apprehensions but only till you take the plunge. Once that happens, things get aligned,” Amrita concludes on a hopeful note. 

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