Anu Aggarwal Recalls Walking Out From A Modelling Assignment After They Applied Fair Makeup On Her Face

Anu Aggarwal shares her opinion on the fair skin complexion in India and indulges into an experience she had because of it

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Anu Aggarwal Recalls Walking Out From A Modelling Assignment After They Applied Fair Makeup On Her Face
Bollywood actress Anu Aggrawal was one of the most loved and cherished female celebrities of her time. The diva became an overnight sensation with her debut Aashiqui alongside Rahul Roy in 1990. However, her fame was short lived as she met with a terrible accident in 1999, which had left her major injuries. During a recent interview she recalled walking out of a modelling assignment after they tried applying fair makeup on her face.

It’s been a few weeks that the actress has started opening up about her journey through social media and interactions with entertainment publications. She has spoken a lot about facing objections from the society and industry over her decisions, may it be her being in a live-in relationship or her dusky complexion. During her interaction with Bollywood Life, she shared her opinion on India’s obsession with white complexion. ALSO READ: ‘Aashiqui’ Fame Anu Aggarwal On Finding Love: ‘It Is Not Sex Woh Toh Kabhi Khatam Ho Gaya, My Need For Love Is Fulfilled In Different Way’


She stressed on the fact that colourism in India was never an issue as it was a thought that was brought by the Britishers 250 years ago. The 53-year-old actress said, “You see the women in warrior avatar from states like Rajasthan, lot of them were dusky. Colourism was never an issue. The white skin complex came with the British. It is 250 years old. It never became an issue for more. I was like if you like me you take me or let it be. In 1988, I walked out of a modelling assignment as they began using fair makeup on my face. I walked out with my handbag.” 

The Aashiqui actress shared that people need to have self-belief and self-love to stand up for who they are. She said, “I stood up for who I am. I never blamed anyone. End of the day you need to have self-belief which is the path to self love. I have walked out of thing. It did not give me a complex nor did I explain things to people. There were so many things that were not considered acceptable about me.” ALSO READ: Anu Aggarwal Recalls Karan Johar’s Father Yash Johar Came To Meet Her After Her Accident; Says, ‘I Was Told Later, But I Couldn’t Recognise People’

For the unversed, the actress-model suffered major injuries and her face was severely damaged after a serious road accident. Eventually, she quit acting to follow her spiritual calling, and today she is a motivational speaker. She runs the Anu Aggarwal Foundation (AAF) and has received the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Award.

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