Arijit Singh Is FURIOUS! The Latest Song From Wajah Tum Ho Has Left The Singer Miffed

Sana Khan, Rajniesh Duggall and Gurmeet Choudhary starrer Wajah Tum Ho’s latest song is out. The song which revisits the 70s classic ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ is sung by Arijit Singh. However, it has left the versatile singer upset with Abhijit Vaghani-the music composer of the song. Find out why...

Arijit Singh does it again. Facebook seems to be Arijit’s favourite platform to vent out his frustration and anger.

It’s music arranger and composer Abhijit Vaghani on Arijit’s radar this time. The makers of Wajah Tum Ho released the latest song from the album today. It’s titled ‘Dil Ke Paas’ and it’s a reworked version of the classic ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’ from the 1973 blockbuster hit Blackmail. The song was sung by Kishore Kumar. (Check the video above)

However, the 2016 version of the song is crooned by Arijit Singh who is not every happy with the way it’s turned out. Blasting on the music arranger of the song, Abhijit Vaghani, Arijit took to Facebook an hour after the song was released on social media.

He wrote, “I do not understand why people act smart for no reason. Abhijit Vaghani you did not have to tune my voice to this extent. I am so ashamed of this rendition and I so love the original. Good luck with your music bro but honestly your sense of tuning and ruining the classic tune is a classic one. Keep up the good work. You are a talented music producer but I am so done with you.
 Thank you for making me hear the worst song master ever, thank you for retuning my voice so much that I don't even recognize. Thank you really for cheating me. If I knew you will change the mix later I wouldn't have sung this. A classic insult to the original song.”


After posting an apology letter for Salman Khan few months back, it’s the second time Arijit Singh has posted another controversy stirring message on his Facebook page. Let’s see where this one takes him now!

Thumbnail Image Source: newsdog and youtube/t-series