Award Shows? No, Thank You! These Celebs Never Attend Award Nites

There are a bunch of celebrities who are worthy of winning the BIG AWARD, but they don't consider them credible enough and hence always prefer to ditch the award shows. Let's have a quick look at those celebs

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Award Shows? No, Thank You! These Celebs Never Attend Award Nites
For several celebs, award shows mean a lot. Winning a trophy means proper acknowledgement for your work and performance, but then, there are also those celebrities who don’t believe in the concept of these award shows and consider them as a sham. We are not talking about Government hosted award shows, but the regular ones that are held by the film industry for the people of the industry.

While, as a TV viewer, we enjoy catching up on those 3 hours of entertainment as we see our favourite celebs winning trophies, there are a few celebs who just don’t believe in them. So let’s quickly take a look at those celebrities who don’t like to attend these ceremonies.

Aamir Khan

One of the first actors to take a strong stand against Bollywood award shows is Aamir Khan. Time and again, he has reiterated the fact that he doesn’t believe in these award shows and hence doesn’t even feel the need to be a part of any of them. While, we see SRK and Salman shine on stage, Aamir’s presence is always missed.
Ajay Devgn

Another A-List star who doesn’t believe in Bollywood awards nites is Ajay Devgn. It’s been over a decade that the actor made his displeasure against them evident and is MIA since then. He feels they are nothing more but just TV shows made for entertainment.
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana is a lone fighter and she has time and again emphasized on this fact. The actress who’s unarguably one of the best actresses in Bollywood today, doesn’t like attending award shows because she doesn’t believe in their credibility. In several interviews, she has made her stance loud and clear, similar to Aamir Khan.
Naseeruddin Shah

One of the most talented artistes in Indian cinema, Naseeruddin Shah just doesn’t believe in Bollywood award shows. Not just that, he even feels that the Oscars are rigged just like any other Pan Masala award (he said this in an interview with Deccan Chronicle, dated Sept 2017). 
John Abraham

The macho man of Bollywood, John Abraham who has turned a producer as well, has been maintaining safe distance from awards nights since several years now. The actor who has been nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories on few occasions, feels that award shows are circus acts and they are just not meant for him.

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