Tahira Kashyap Flaunts Mastectomy Scar And Bald Self In A Bare-Back Picture Too Powerful For Words; Breast Cancer Survivor Pens A Poem

On National Cancer Survivors' Day, Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife and breast cancer survivor Tahira Kashyap pens down a powerful poem sharing a picture flaunting her mastectomy scar

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Tahira Kashyap Flaunts Mastectomy Scar And Bald Self In A Bare-Back Picture Too Powerful For Words; Breast Cancer Survivor Pens A Poem
Writer-Director Tahira Kashyap Khurrana's fight with Cancer and emerging stronger than ever is a story that is worth celebrating. Her bravery and positivity made her a real-life hero and inspiration for each one of us. Tahira was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer and she chose to document her journey on social media. Even though her story has been all about the roller-coaster of emotions and the challenges she went through the entire process, Tahira always had a positive outlook in life. She has often stated how there has been a shift in perspective and the way conventional beauty standards in her family have changed post her battle with cancer.

Since today marks The National Cancer Survivors Day, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana got talking about how it's not just about surviving Cancer but several more things on a daily basis. Right from surviving depression to surviving a day when we are feeling angry, anxious or sad, Tahira believes as humans we don't need a special day to be called survivors as we are everyday fighters. She also feels that each one of us have our own battles to fight, and are survivors in the true right. Tahira Kashyap Khurrana expressed her thoughts about the same through a beautiful poem which she shared on social media.

Taking to her Instagram, Tahira shared the video penning down a long written caption talking about her scars, the ones that are deep, some that are within, some that are seen while there are some that are hidden. In her caption, Kashyap spoke about how the scars remind a person of the past, and the moments of suffering one thought that would always last. Tahira also mentioned that she has a lot of love and respect for those who fight. In her message to everyone out there, Kashyap wrote, “Hide not your scars my love, Show them, flaunt them, just like your bright smile, soothing to others eyes, And when you do that time and again giving people nowhere to run and hide, they will have to fall in love with your badge of honour, your prize.So hear me one last time, Fall in love with your self,All with dust, scar and grime. For that’s what make you, YOU Faulty, imperfect, blemished but all true!Beautiful!”

With Tahira Kashyap Khurrana redefining the meaning of National Cancer Survivors Day for us, we are strongly inspired to love ourselves in ways we never thought we could. More power to you, Tahira! Also Read: Tahira Kashyap Dons Ayushmann Khurrana's Jacket Cuz 'Gender Fluidity' Y'all; Also Don't Miss Mister's Shirtless 'Caveman Look'

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