Battered & Bruised Bobby Darling Calls Up Lawyer To Put Husband Ramnik In The Dock

Bobby Darling’s husband Ramnik Sharma has run into serious trouble. Bobby called up lawyer Vandana Shah and discussed her story with her. Read on

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Battered & Bruised Bobby Darling Calls Up Lawyer To Put Husband Ramnik In The Dock

Bobby Darling’s life hit headlines after she filed a domestic violence case against husband Ramnik Sharma. She had claimed that Ramnik’s assaults left her paralysed and slurring.

Ramnik on the other hand had denied all the allegations. But Bobby has not given up the fight. She has spoken to lawyer Vandana Shah, who has decided to take up her case.

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Shah confirmed the news with and said, “If and when we start the proceedings, we will not let Ramnik escape the law.”

Bobby had sold her house in Mumbai and moved to Bhopal to be with Ramnik in 2016. She had used that money to buy a penthouse in Bhopal and a SUV, which are now in Ramnik’s possession.

Bobby had revealed in an interview to “I was hospitalised at Narmada Hospital (Bhopal) in July. He beat me up lot before that, which again lead to high blood pressure, resulting in a paralytic attack. My speech and the left hand and leg are not functioning anymore.”

Meanwhile Ramnik had denied all the allegations and said: "Bobby is lying blatantly. She is the one who fled with my property papers, money and gold, and I have filed an FIR against her. She was after my money. I have never hit her.”

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Bobby is ready to fight for justice and had recently launched a social media campaign, Justice For Bobby Darling.

Bobby had also spoken out against the film fraternity which had ignored her plight even after the battered actress’ story grabbed headlines. She had told “I earned the money by doing gay roles in films and serials and reality shows and by humiliating myself and by making jokes about myself. Kya yahi sach aur haqeeqat hai hamaari industry ka?”

But Bobby Darling is ready to fight for justice now and Ramnik Sharma better watch out!

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