Bhoomi Ke Side Effects: All’s Not Well Between Sanjay Dutt & Omung Kumar brings you the inside SCOOP about what went wrong between Sanjay Dutt and Omung Kumar while shooting for Bhoomi, which did not live up to expectations

Sometimes, the union of two talented artistes doesn’t yield the desired results. Recently-released Bhoomi suffered a similar fate. Fans were expecting it to be a treat considering Sanjay Dutt was returning to the big screen after a hiatus of 3 years. At the helm was Omung Kumar, who has earlier directed critically-acclaimed films such as Mary Kom and Sarbjit.

However, it failed to set the cash registers ringing.

Now, has it that Omung and Sanjay were not on the same page while Bhoomi was being shot.

sanjay dutt
Sanjay Dutt

The actor was unhappy with several aspects of the film right from where the cast was put up/the way film was shaping up/publicity campaign among other things.

However, Sanjay Dutt, who is not the one to play the blame game, continued with the project with complete dedication and was committed to it until promotions.
We hear, Sanjay was also in the know that the audience had a certain disconnect with the film even before it hit theatres.

Omung, on the other hand, has proved his directorial abilities in the past and was hoping to make a mark with this one as well. But, things didn’t go as planned for him either.

omung kumar
Omung Kumar

As of now, the two are not keen on throwing muck at each other but it is clear that Sanjay has decided not to work with Omung in the near future. In fact, the director has something in the pipeline with another star, modalities of which are being worked out currently.

When contacted, Omung Kumar chose not to respond.

Stay tuned to as we come back to tell you the current status of Omung's next project and who will star in it.  

Image Source: Twitter/duttsanjay/omungkumar