Bigg Boss 10, Day 31: Captains Rohan And Mona, Get Into An Argument;Challegers Are Left With A Bitter Mouth

We tell you what will happen in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10. The ongoing luxury budget task has unleashed a flurry of arguments in the house. The fight that began yesterday between Rohan and Manveer is getting worse and then VJ Bani decides to have a war of words with Nitibha Kaul

Day 30 say the advent of the week’s luxury budget task, Lockdown. This challenge which has taken all the possessions from the contestants, has finally broken the spell of lethargy in the Bigg Boss House.

Yesterday, we witnessed an intense argument between Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar, where Manveer calls Rohan ‘Chamak Challo’. This led to Rohan making jokes about Manveer’s community. The two were then summoned by Bigg Boss to the confession room in order to sortout the matter.

But, in spite of Bigg Boss intervening, the fight continued in the confession room as well as out in the garden area. Fustrated with Rohan’s behaviour and Bigg Boss’s attempts to resolve the fight, an irritated Manveer breaks an important house rule by taking off his mike.

The day starts with the gharwale waking up to ‘Phatela Jeb’, a song that resonates their current condition to the T. The contestants’ tempers and patience levels continue to waver, while they crave the basic essentials required to start the day, including toothpaste and coffee.

Sitting with the opposing team, Swami Omji points fingers at Mona Lisa’s character, highlighting that even though she is engaged in real life (rumours are making the round of her linkups with a member of the Bhojpuri Film Industry), her closeness to Manu Punjabi and Manveer is questionable. Lopamudra Raut, Rahul Dev and Rohan take a stand for her and slam Swami ji. They make it clear that he has no right to raise questions about anyone’s character.

When Bani notices that Manveer is fast asleep,she wakes him up and orders him to do 20 push-ups as punishment for breaking the rule. However, he refuses to comply. Gaurav attempts to defend his team member - Manveer but Bani asks him to stay out of it. 

As part of the task, Bigg Boss announces the ‘Karela Juice Task’. As part of the task, the challengers from each team are required to finish a jug full of the bitter juice. While Lopa represents Rohan’s team, Gaurav Chopra is the represents Mona’s.


During the task, Lopa asks Mona to refill her glass fast and touches the jug. This lead to an argument between Mona and Rohan. FYI, in this bargain they forget about the housemates who are left with a mouthful of bitter juice.

As the task continues, Nitibha and Bani get into an argument based on the rules of the task. Omji interferes between the quarrelling ladies, further enraging everyone.

Finally, the contestants’ problems come to an end, when Bigg Boss declaring the task over, allowing the housemates access to their belonging once again. Fights start again when Swamiji goes into the wardrobe storage area,  to find Manu and Manveer  occupying the spot for his things. The three begin arguing but thankfully, captain Bani is close on hand and is able to avert a possible battle from erupting.

When Bani finds Omji sleeping, she doles out punishment but he refuses to comply, saying that he was actually meditating. He further says that he will follow Manu and Manveer’s footsteps and not accept her punishments.

As the contestants recoil from the after-effects of the task, Bani, Rahul, Rohan and Karan share a light moment with Gaurav. The five joke about the special attention Gaurav receives from Lopamudra and Nitibha.

As the day draws to a close, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate two contestants who contributed the least in the task and deserve to be punished.

It will be interesting to see who is nominated. I have a gut feeling that Swamiji is one of them!

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