Blame It On Ranveer Singh, Fan Runs Over Bystander

Maybe it was Ranveer Singh’s flamboyance, maybe it was the flashlights but one fan recently ran into trouble with the cops thanks to the star

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Blame It On Ranveer Singh, Fan Runs Over Bystander
Ranveer Singh has never shied away from courting attention. Be it his gender-bending ensembles or his attention-grabbing antics, he knows how to grab eyeballs.

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Bollywood Hunk Ranveer Singh

But Ranveer’s antics recently got a fan into serious trouble.  

The occasion was Ranveer’s birthday and the actor, who has a bachelor pad in Bandra, woke up to find his fans gathered outside the gates of his apartment complex.

Dressed in a hoodie and joggers, the bearded fan was his usual enthusiastic self.

What Ranveer did not know is that his flamboyant gestures had caught the eye of a passing fan. She was driving past his house and the crowd, the gathered paparazzi and Ranveer’s presence caught her eye.

Ranveer Singh Cuts His Birthday Cake With Fans

She took her eyes off from the road, unable to look away from her screen idol and then she heard a thud.

The fan had hit a passer-by.

The woman was injured and immediately called the cops. The cops arrived at the scene and started questioning Ranveer’s fan who was behind the wheel.

Lovebirds Ranveer Singh And Deepika Padukone

The woman whose leg was hurt in the accident had to be taken to the hospital and the fan had to deal with the cops.

Oblivious to the drama caused by him, Ranveer was busy having a moment with his fans. We wonder how he would respond to the news now?

Image Source: Manav Manglani & hdimages