Can You Guess Who Is This Actress In A Man’s DISGUISE?

She is hot, she is sexy and irresistible! But at the moment she is in a disguise of a man. Any guesses who this lady is?

You have seen her sizzle on the big screen. She raises the mercury levels with her latkas and jhatkas. However, she has dropped the sex appeal and is currently in a disguise of a man.

Meet an all new Sunny Leone!

Well yes, it’s Sunny Leone who has put on a garb of a man. She posted the pic on her social media handle with a caption that read, “Becoming a man ain't easy!! ‪the team that made it happen! Crazy thing is I look just like my brother and dad. Freaky!”

Freaky for sure, Sunny! But she makes for a beautiful man as well, doesn’t she?

Image Source: instagram/sunnyleone