Cannes 2018: Sonam Kapoor's Red & White Outfit Will Make You Yearn For An Early Christmas

Sonam Kapoor's latest outfit at Cannes will make you yearn for Christmas. After all Mrs Ahuja looks lovely in her red and white outfit. Take a look right here...

This year the Cannes film festival has been one of the most fashionable ones. From Deepika Padukone to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and from Mahira Khan to Kangana Ranaut, everyone has brought forward their A-game at the French Riviera.

Sonam's latest outfit at Cannes will make you yearn for an early Christmas. Check it out:

Sonam's striped outfit reminds me of the red and white candy we got served on Christmas. Needless to say Sonam looks absolutely gorgeous.

Sonam also got twirling also in this video.

It's interesting to see that Sonam, who's gone to Cannes right after her wedding hasn't taken off her Mehendi yet. In her last few outfits, she was flaunting it proudly there at the French Riviera. However this outfit she tries to hide it as she got the sleeves full. Also, the lower part is almost touching the floor, thereby hiding the mehendi on her feet.

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