Cargo Actress Shweta Tripathi Asks People To Have Empathy For Rhea Chakraborty; Says Her Social Media Trial Is Wrong

Actress Shweta Tripathi says social media trial of Rhea Chakraborty is wrong, equates it to 'end of humanity'

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Cargo Actress Shweta Tripathi Asks People To Have Empathy For Rhea Chakraborty; Says Her Social Media Trial Is Wrong
Actress Shweta Tripathi who is being appreciated for her performance in the recently released movie Cargo on Netflix has reacted to Rhea Chakraborty’s social media trial. Shweta without sounding biased to any of the parties currently at loggerheads expressed how an individual should conduct himself and treat the fellow countrymen during her conversation with Times Now. The actress explained how one should only comment when they know something as most of the time, we don’t even know the person. 

She said, “I think we should be in a place to comment if we know something, or if we can manage our own lives. I feel that we are unable to manage our own lives and we comment on others, the ones we don't even know. We really have no right on things in the industry.” Speaking further on the newly emerged drug angle in actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case investigation, she said, “Kaun paani pi raha hai, kaun daaru pi raha hai industry mei, kaun drugs kar raha hain humanity kaha hai? So, even if some is doing something wrong, like Gandhi Ji said, if some slap you one the left cheek, you present with the right one.”

Also speaking about actress Rhea Chakraborty being treated in an incorrect manner, she said, “Think on a human level, this is no way to treat anyone. Our empathy levels have to be high. We have to have sympathy. Forget about global warming, this way humanity will end humanity. It is important to have empathy.”


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Giving out an example of Gunjan Saxena’s arm wrestling scene from the Janhvi Kapoor starrer movie, where despite knowing she won’t be able to win, she doesn’t give up, thus urging people to support each other. “Even in Gunjan Saxena, when she is asked to arm wrestle, she knows she is not stronger than him, that she will lose. But she doesn't give up. All these values that we have, we are losing them, so I just want to remind myself also, people around me and people who follow me, let's support each other,” said Shweta. ALSO READ: Sushant Singh Rajput Death: ‘Rhea Chakraborty Could Tamper With Evidence, No ‘Reasonable Grounds’ To Not Connect Her To Drugs Case’ - Court

Shedding light on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has introduced us to the new normal of wearing masks, she said,“Nature is being ruined, we have to wear masks due to COVID and no one cares what is going to happen in 50 years.”
Further urging people to open their eyes to remain aware of what is happening around, “So instead of feeding your mind to TV, be aware of what is happening. I don't want to change someone's thoughts. Whatever you want to believe in, do believe in that. But open your eyes a little,” said Shweta. ALSO READ: Did Rhea Chakraborty Take Drugs From Sushant Singh Rajput's Rumoured Ex-Girlfriend Sara Ali Khan And Her 'Peddler'? - Report

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