Celina Jaitly Claims Twitter Encouraged The Pakistani Film Critic To ‘Go On A Horrifying Spree Of Untrue, Character Assassination’

Celina Jaitly recently opened up about how when she lodged a complaint against the Pakistani film critic’s handle with Twitter, the social media platform didn’t help her at all

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Celina Jaitly Claims Twitter Encouraged The Pakistani Film Critic To ‘Go On A Horrifying Spree Of Untrue, Character Assassination’
Actress Celina Jaitly often takes to her official social media handles to share her personal life experiences and professional anecdotes. A few months back she had made it to the headlines, when a Pakistani journalist, Umair Sandhu, had claimed that she was the only actress in Bollywood who had ‘slept with both Father (Feroze Khan) & son (Fardeen Khan) many times’. Not only had she lashed out at his tweet and given him a befitting reply, but she also filed a complaint against him with the National Commission of Women (NCW).

Now, she has opened up about the entire ordeal during her recent interview with India Today. Talking if she knew Umair before the entire matter took place, she shared that she had no idea who he was. It was when hundreds of her fans had tagged her in the ‘horrific and viral content’ he had generated against her, she came to know about him. While she knows that as an actor, people will have different opinions about her, but to write bizarre claims ‘about my life in Austria, my life in Mumbai’. She went on to add that she has been a ‘victim of verbal violence, humiliation.’ ALSO READ: Celina Jaitly Takes Action Against Pakistani Journalist For Accusing Her Of ‘Sleeping With Both Fardeen Khan And His Father Feroz’- REPORT

When asked by the media publication, when the 41-year-old actress took up the matter to NCW, she revealed that she and her followers had flagged his handle and lodged a complaint against Sandhu with Twitter, now X. However, the platform claimed “no issues with all his tweets, encouraging him to go on a horrifying spree of baseless, untrue, character assassination via his tweets. He made multiple tweets at my expense, garnering him massive views the whole day, and Twitter still did not do anything.” ALSO READ: Celina Jaitly's Newborn Son's Death: Actress Opens Up About Losing One Of Her Twins In 2017; Says, ‘Took Me 5 Years To Come To Terms’

She went on to claim that the self-proclaimed ‘South Asian film critic,’ is based in Pakistan and finds odd jobs as a hate and gossip monger in small media publications in India. The media publication quoted her saying, “The height of stupidity is that some of the most reputable and credible media outlets report on the lies spread by a Pakistani imposter, only because he uses fancy tags like 'South Asian film critic' while posting batches of old holiday photos to convince people of his residence elsewhere. He might as well be an ISI agent who is trying to infiltrate the Indian media outlets.”

Concluding the question she added that after much deliberation she asked for help from NCW, who then took up the matter with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

For the unversed, Celina is currently based in Austria with her husband, Austrian entrepreneur and hotelier, Peter Haag. They tied the knot in 2011 and welcomed their first set of twins Winston and Viraaj in 2012. The couple went on to have another set of twins Arthur and Shamsher in 2017. Sadly, Shamsher passed away a few days after his birth due to his heart condition.
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