CONDOM ADS TOO HOT FOR TV? Kamya Punjabi, Riya Sen, Kavita Kaushik, Pooja Bedi UNPLUGGED!

Kamya Punjabi, Riya Sen, Kavita Kaushik & Pooja Bedi talk about the Condom Controversy which is on everybody's lips. Read on to know what is their viewpoint

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CONDOM ADS TOO HOT FOR TV? Kamya Punjabi, Riya Sen, Kavita Kaushik, Pooja Bedi UNPLUGGED!

After stirring the hornet’s nest on the contentious issue of restricting condom ads to only water-shedding hours, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has clarified that such ads can be aired on TV during daytime--- provided the content is not explicit.

In a press release, reportedly, the ministry has quoted that, "Advertisements that do not sexually objectify women and are aimed at informing citizens regarding devices/products/medical interventions to ensure safe sex are not covered under the said advisory."

pooja bedi talks about the condom controversy
Pooja Bedi

Pooja Bedi welcomes the move. "I think it's fair. The daytime may be used to have ads in educative style. Nothing wrong with that. The night slots could hinge around the intimacy quotient. The very fact that the ads are being allowed now in daytime is that people who matter have realised the need to spread information and want to go about it earnestly."

But the upright inspector of FIR, Kavita Kaushik, feels that the 'intimacy quotient' need not be a deterrent for a condom ad to be telecast in daytime on TV.

kavita kaushik poses for a photoshoot
Kavita Kaushik

Talking to, Kavita says, "The more we bury our heads in the sand to hide from reality, the more it’s going to come and kick us on our backside! We need to educate everyone about safe sex to control this already bursting population of our country and the diseases spread by unsafe sex."

Adds Kavita, "Also, I think the explicit and vulgar reality TV show content poses more threat to the minds of our men and children than the steamy lovemaking scenes."

kamya punjabi talks about the condom controversy
Kamya Punjabi

Popular TV actress Kamya Punjabi too feels that, day/night, it does not matter. "When my 5-year-old daughter visits me on the set, no one can touch her without her permission. I have taught her the difference between a friendly peck, and an unwanted touch." She adds, "When the time is right, I will educate her about sex." She also feels that the time slot of these ads on TV doesn't matter. "Why shy away?" she concludes. 

riya sen talks about the condom controversy
Riya Sen

Riya Sen, however, endorses Pooja's viewpoint. "I guess they are right and know what they are talking about. They are being tactful out of concern. There is a vast majority of people in India who could look at these ads in a wrong manner, which is unfortunate because it is only about spreading awareness."

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