Deepak Tijori's Estranged 'Wife' Demands Rs 1 Lakh Per Month For Daughter Samara

It's got so ugly between Deepak Tijori, Shivani and Samara that suggests that the 90s star resolves his family dispute at the earliest

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Deepak Tijori's Estranged 'Wife' Demands Rs 1 Lakh Per Month For Daughter Samara
Deepak Tijori's estranged 'wife' Shivani is asking him to cough up Rs 1 lakh per month for the welfare of their daughter Samara.

A few days ago, we brought you the story that Shivani (Deepak is her 'second' husband) has virtually thrown Deepak out of their 4-BHK in Goregaon where they once lived happily. Shivani filed for divorce and maintenance. Later, Deepak realised that Shivani is not his legal wife! After consulting a counsellor, Deepak happened to check if Shivani had divorced her first husband. Imagine his horror when he discovered that she had not!

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Few days after that, we also brought you the story that Shivani has filed a case of Domestic Violence against Deepak. The matter is in Borivli Court. The Domestic Violence complaint was done before the matter of 'nullity' came to the fore.

We had also heard, Deepak barely manages to enter his house and Shivani allows him to use only one room. Worse still, Shivani had strictly told the servants that they should neither give him food nor clean his room.  Which is why, Deepak has often be staying on PG basis or at a friend's place.

Shivani suspected that Deepak is having an affair with a yoga instructor, who is much younger than him.

And here is what exactly Shivani had done. The fashion designer filed for maintenance under 125 CRPC (Criminal Proceedure Code) saying, "I am a deserted wife. I cannot maintain my expenses. My husband is liable to do the needful for me and my daughter."

And then, we also told you, a few days ago, that the only way that Shivani can get money from Deepak, as per her calculation, is if she convinces Samara, who is 20, to file for maintenance- which is amount to suing her father in Court. Under Section 125 CRPC, an adult unmarried daughter can claim maintenance from her parents. But for that, Samara will have file a pertition individually. 

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Deepak Tijori With Daughter Samara Tijori

Now, we hear that the amount Shivani demands from Deepak is Rs I lakh per month.

"The amount that has come to the fiore is Rs 1 lakh per month. Lekin case atka hua. Samara has not filed a case against her father, and it doesn't seem that she will. She is a very nice girl and it is unlikely that she will go against her father openly."

Frankly, Rs 1 lakh per month is not much. But can Deepak shell out that money considering that his career is not making any noise since a long time? 

We hope that Deepak is able to pay up a certain mutually amicable amount and ends his court battle with his 'wife' and leads his life separately. It's a very tough time for the young lady, Samara. The case has got damn ugly in Family Court and Borivli Court as well.

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