Did Papa Dharmendra LIKE Sunny Deol & Dimple Kapadia’s Viral Video On Twitter?

Strange as it may sound but looks to be true- IF it is Dharmendra’s official account. We are as amused as you are but if self-proclaimed critic, KRK’s timeline is anything to go by, Dharmendra has apparently liked Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia’s viral video...

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Did Papa Dharmendra LIKE Sunny Deol & Dimple Kapadia’s Viral Video On Twitter?

A few days back, Bollywood buffs were in for big surprise when a video of Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia holding hands in London surfaced on social media. For those who aren’t aware, Sunny and Dimple’s romance has been an open secret in B-Town.

While we were still pondering over the viral video, here’s another surprising element to the story. If it is Dharmendra’s official account (which looks to be if we follow it back to the home page of the said account) then, Papa Dharmendra has LIKED the video on Twitter.

Well yes, self-proclaimed critic KRK shared the viral video on his Twitter timeline with a caption, Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia are enjoying their holidays together. They are looking beautiful couple.

sunny deoland dimple kapadia spotted holding hands
Dharmendra Likes KRK's Post 

And there is a LIKE from Dharmendra Deol’s account. We are extremely amused considering, Sunny is still legally wed and has not made his affair with Dimple public, as yet and Dharmendra liking the video in such situation, is rather strange.

Talking about the video, reportedly it’s from the time when Sunny Deol took off for a week to London last month to be with Dimple Kapadia. The duo was filmed by a fan, Nisha Pal, on August 9, who uploaded their video online. 

For years, this love story has been buried but this viral video has spilled the beans on Dimple and Sunny’s affair. 

Coming back to Dharmendra’s like, as we mentioned earlier, (if and only if it is an official account), we are surely amused with Papa Dharam’s feelings.

Image Source: Manav Manglani, youtube/nishapal & twitter/krk