DID YOU KNOW? Karan Johar Once Called Out Son Yash Over His Weight And Felt Deeply Apologetic About It Later!

Karan Johar is a proud father of Yash and Roohi and the filmmaker talks about the moment when he pointed out his son's weight gain and felt bad about it later

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DID YOU KNOW? Karan Johar Once Called Out Son Yash Over His Weight And Felt Deeply Apologetic About It Later!
Karan Johar, one of the most prominent figures in the Indian film industry, is known for his candidness and unapologetic views on various personal and professional matters. The celebrated filmmaker has openly discussed his life, including his sexual orientation, his decision to have children via surrogacy, and much more. In a recent interview, the filmmaker revealed his struggles with being comfortable in his own skin and dealing with weight issues. He also mentioned the challenge of refraining from saying anything insensitive in front of his children. ALSO READ: Karan Johar Opens Up About His Struggle With Body Dysmorphia: Even Took Medication After Suffering From A Panic Attack 


According to a report by News18.com, in an interview with journalist Faye D'souza, Johar candidly shared his concerns about the genetic traits affecting his children, Yash and Roohi. He expressed his heartbreak over seeing his son Yash consume sugar and gain weight, explaining that while he wants Yash to enjoy his childhood and be happy, he is also aware of the genetic predisposition towards weight gain that he has passed on. Johar remarked, "But I can see the genetic... I can’t call it a flaw. I get it from my mom and I know he’s getting it from me." He remains hopeful that Yash will eventually navigate this phase and overcome it. ALSO READ: Raghav Juyal On Nepotism Debate: Getting Work With The Likes Of Karan Johar Despite Being An Outsider 

Johar emphasized the importance of encouraging his son to engage in sports and activities he himself did not participate in as a child. However, he also expressed a desire to allow his children to make their own choices and be individuals. He admitted, "I am finding myself really struggling from saying insensitive stuff to my own children." This struggle was highlighted when Johar recounted an incident during a holiday where he commented on Yash's weight gain. Immediately realizing his mistake, he felt deeply apologetic and quickly sought to make amends. He shared, "I said, ‘Yash, you’ve put on weight.’ I said it this time, we were on a holiday. I went into my room and said, ‘Why did you do this!’ Then I went outside, hugged him, and said, ‘I’m really sorry, please eat what you want.’"

On the professional front, Karan Johar continues to be a prolific producer. He recently produced the film "Kill" and has upcoming projects such as "Showtime" and "Bad Newz," among others. What are your thoughts about Kjo's cute revelation about son Yash?
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