DID YOU KNOW? Shah Rukh Khan's Car Was Once Taken Away When He Failed To Pay EMI, Juhi Chawla Makes Interesting Revelations!

Shah Rukh Khan once lost his car over payment of dues reveals Bollywood superstar's best friend Juhi Chawla

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DID YOU KNOW? Shah Rukh Khan's Car Was Once Taken Away When He Failed To Pay EMI, Juhi Chawla Makes Interesting Revelations!
Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla and superstar Shah Rukh Khan have shared a deep and enduring friendship since the beginning of their careers in the film industry. At a recent event in Gujarat, Juhi reminisced about SRK's early days, revealing a poignant story about his struggles and resilience. During the event, Juhi recalled that Shah Rukh Khan had no permanent home in Mumbai during the early 1990s. At that time, he was juggling the shooting of two films, Dil Aashna Hai and Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. She shared that Shah Rukh lacked basic comforts, with no one to cook for him and an uncertain place to stay. "There was nobody to cook for him and I’m not sure where he stayed. Unit ka khaana khaate the, unit ki plate se. Unit ki chai peete the aur unit ke saath bilkul ghul mil ke hassi mazaak, baatein karna," she reminisced, highlighting his reliance on the film crew for meals and camaraderie. ALSO READ: WHAT! Juhi Chawla Doesn’t Like To Watch IPL Matches With Shah Rukh Khan? Actress Says, ‘It Is Not Good, He Vents Out His Anger At Me’ 

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Juhi then revealed that Shah Rukh owned a second-hand car, a Gypsy, which was eventually taken away because he couldn't afford the EMI payments. "He had nothing," she said, recounting how dejected he felt on the set that day. Despite his hardships, Juhi assured him that things would improve and that he would one day own many cars. Her words of encouragement stuck with him, and she proudly noted how far he has come since then. "He still remembers it. Now look at him. Look at where he’s gone," she gushed. ALSO READ: Juhi Chawla Reveals how Shah Rukh Khan Reacts When KKR Loses An IPL Match, Shares She ‘Prays Constantly While Shah Rukh Khan Scolds Her’ 

Shah Rukh and Juhi first shared the screen in 1992 in Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, marking the beginning of their strong friendship. Over the years, they have supported each other through various ups and downs. Their bond extended beyond films as they co-own the Indian Premier League franchise, Kolkata Knight Riders, which clinched the tournament title this year.

The story of Shah Rukh's early struggles and Juhi's unwavering support underscores the depth of their friendship. Juhi’s reflections offer a glimpse into the hardships Shah Rukh faced before achieving his superstar status. Despite the challenges, his determination and resilience, coupled with the support of friends like Juhi, propelled him to incredible success. This tale of friendship and perseverance continues to inspire fans, highlighting the importance of strong bonds and encouragement during tough times.

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