Esha Gupta Reacts To Trolls Targeting Her For Her Topless Pictures, Says, ‘Why Not Ask Men To Cover Up?’

A few days ago, Esha Gupta had posted topless pictures on Instagram

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Esha Gupta Reacts To Trolls Targeting Her For Her Topless Pictures, Says, ‘Why Not Ask Men To Cover Up?’
Bollywood actress Esha Gupta recently posted pictures of sunbathing on Instagram. These pictures had the actress going topless, facing the back to the camera, and simply raising the temperature on the internet. Now as reported in Hindustan Times, she has opened up about people being more gender-biased. According to her, if a man puts up a shirtless picture why he is not asked to cover up. Instead, people are seen praising them.

Esha says, “It’s gender bias. So many male actors out there are putting up shirtless pictures. Why not ask them to cover up? People look at them and go, ‘Waah bhai, kya body hai!’” Further, the Rustom actress is furious about how women are held responsible for promoting rape, hinting at their outfit choices. “It’s their mentality that has to be blamed. A woman’s clothes making people think about rape is problematic,” added the actress.

Speaking about trolls, which bothered her a few years back, the actress says she has now learnt the art to ignore them. One Day: Justice Delivered actress shares, “I’ve become matured to the level where I don’t react anymore. I also understand that people will point fingers no matter what you do. Once I remember putting up a picture in a saree and somebody writing, ‘Aaj poore kapdon mein photo daala hai!’ When I post a picture with makeup on, people call me ‘plastic beauty’. And when I post a picture without it, they call me ugly and say that I need to put on makeup.”

Esha feels the problem is people dislike girls who speak their minds and prefer girls who are cute. “There are many who don’t like girls who’re upfront. They like cutesy girls. But people know that I’m strong and if someone slaps me, I’m going to slap them twice. This isn’t just limited to our country. It happens everywhere else in the world despite conversations going on about gender inequality and sexism. I wish we become more progressive in our thoughts,” added the actress. ALSO READ: Esha Gupta Goes Topless In Latest Sunkissed Pictures From Her Jaipur Getaway

Esha was last seen in a web series, titled Naqaab

Image Source: Instagram/egupta