FAMILY FEUD OVER: Alaia F Reunites Mommy Pooja Bedi And Grandfather Kabir Bedi

All's well between Kabir Bedi and daughter Pooja now. has learned that the actress’ daughter Alaia F played peacemaker

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FAMILY FEUD OVER: Alaia F Reunites Mommy Pooja Bedi And Grandfather Kabir Bedi
The last few years had been tough for the Bedi family as Kabir Bedi and Pooja (born to Kabir's first wife Protima) hadn’t been on talking terms. Pooja shared an uneasy equation with Kabir’s partner, Parveen Dusanj. Many years back, the actress and her father had a tiff after which Kabir vacated the Juhu apartment where he was living-in with Parveen. Primarily, Pooja and Parveen could not hit it off for too long after Parveen came into Kabir's life. Since then, the equation between the father-daughter duo continued to go downhill.

However, Pooja’s daughter Alaia F  was very much in touch with Kabir and his wife Parveen. And finally, the young girl has managed to mend the broken bridge to a large extent. Alaia F convinced mommy to invite Kabir Bedi for her 21st birthday in December 2018. The loving grandfather too made sure of attending the bash. That party eased things between Kabir and Pooja Bedi. And then, as they say, time is a healer.

We are surprised how Pooja and Kabir succeeded in keeping this reunion under wraps, until we at eventually reached their doorstep to see happiness galore. Touch wood.

Finally, all is well between the father and daughter.

Speaking exclusively to, Pooja said, “My father and I had issues in 2012. However, I have never allowed that to interfere in my kids’ relationship with him or Parveen.

I have kept an open heart and open channel. Since a few months my father and I have been meeting and getting closer and rebuilding our bond.

The Bedi bond has always been strong. We were extremely tight-knit and will very soon be again. By the way, he called me about the #MenToo campaign and was very proud of me."

Added Pooja, “We have loved each other a lifetime, barring a little hiccup in between.”

Image Source:- Instagram/alaiaf_/indiawest