Finally, Who Is Doing Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy With Alia Bhatt-Ranveer Singh Or Varun Dhawan?

Worry not, has the REAL answer. Read on to know who is actually starring in Zoya’s film based on the Dharavi rappers!

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Finally, Who Is Doing Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy With Alia Bhatt-Ranveer Singh Or Varun Dhawan?

Rumours are abuzz since morning that Varun Dhawan has stepped in to Ranveer Singh’s shoes for Zoya Akhtar’s next Gully Boy! Now is that really true? Nope, as the word says it all, they are PLAIN BASELESS RUMOURS! has the real answer to who is actually doing Zoya’s film- It is still very much Ranveer Singh! Contrary to reports circulated by a section of media that Varun Dhawan has been approached for the role as Ranveer has opted out of the film citing date issues, the real truth is that Ranveer is still a part of the film.

Image Source: movpins spoke to an official from Excel Entertainment who clarified to us that Ranveer Singh is still doing the movie. He said, “Ranveer is still a part of Gully Boy and he is doing the film. Some people are trying to spread rumours. It’s a fragment of their imagination. Varun has not even been approached for a role in the film.”

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Well, there you have it- it’s not Varun but Ranveer who will romance Alia Bhatt in the film. Interestingly a lot of rumours have been clinging onto this film since a long time; we wonder what the agenda is?

Gully boy is a coming-of-age film inspired by two real-life rappers from Mumbai’s chawls-Rapper Divine and Rapper Naezy. Ranveer Singh will play one of the rappers in the film. Zoya has been prepping for the film since a while now. Alia Bhatt too has been roped in for the film. Recently on Children’s Day (Nov 14, 2016), Alia Bhatt was spotted mingling with the kids in Dharavi and playing drums with them as well.

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