Former Miss India Pooja Chopra Receives PICTURES Of HER BOYFRIEND IN BED With His EX-GIRLFRIEND!

This is a sordid tale of infidelity. It happened with the Commando actress Pooja Chopra. Something that shouldn't happen to anybody...

Femina Miss India 2009 Pooja Chopra was in for a rude shock, recently.

A young man, charming at first sight at least (not from the film industry but has a few friends in its inner circles), had started wooing Pooja. 

pooja chopra winner of femina miss india 2009
Pooja Chopra Winner Of Femina Miss India 2009

Pooja reciprocated- but in only a friendly manner.

However, the friendship blossomed with time and the two started seeing each other.

femina miss india winner pooja chopra
Pooja Chopra

And just when the sun was about to shine on the couple, Pooja was bombarded with pictures which made her fall off from her chair.

miss india 2009 pooja chopra
Pooja Chopra 

Pooja's man, apparently in a tipsy state, had gone on to make love to one of his ex-girlfriends. The girl had hopped across to his house and one thing led to another.

Now, who on earth had sent their pictures in compromising position to Pooja? Well, it was the same girl who had got up close and personal with Pooja's man! It was a case of a jilted lover being on a revenge mission.

pooja chopra
Pooja Chopra

What followed next was Pooja calling up the guy and telling him in no uncertain terms, "Lay off."

The talented and beautiful Pooja has taken the right decision. Hats off to her! Unfaithful lovers are best left alone.

pooja chopra photoshoot
Pooja Chopra Poses For A Photoshoot

We have this sordid khabar from our top source in Bollywood, who was in conversation a couple of days ago with a high-spirited guy who closely knows the man Pooja dated. We also hear that Pooja's man, err ex-man, is currently in acute depression having lost a honest and loyal girl.

Despite repeated attempts, Pooja remained unavailable for comment.

Image Source: facebook/femina & Instagram/poojachopra